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Tetris effect comes to PS4 and PSVR from creators of luminescents

With the people on PlayStation counting down the days of E3 with new announcements, the first came today when Sony revealed Tetris Effect a new take on the iconic puzzle game, released in the fall of 2018 for PlayStation 4 and come with PlayStation VR support. The game will be produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Enhance Games – the creators …

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Instagram can soon allow hour long video uploads | News and opinions

It is expected that there is a "focus on vertical" content and that it lives in the main Instagram app. Watch, YouTube: One word, the Instagram can soon support long-form video downloads. As if you are not already spending enough time on Instagram, The Wall Street Journal referring to the named sources "familiar with the matter", on Tuesday reported that …

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Amazon Echo Look comes out of trial to judge everyone's clothes

Amazon Echo Look helps you catalog and keep track of your wardrobe. In addition, the app offers some advice if you need some input when choosing between two clothes. Tyler Lizenby / CNET Amazon Echo Look One of Amason's most niche versions of its Echo Smart Speaker has had limited availability since the online retailer released it in May of …

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Of course Facebook shared data with Chinese smartphone makers, but that probably means nothing – BGR

Yes, Facebook deserves all of your hate and disapproves of misrepresenting your tasks, not just in the extensive Cambridge Analytica case, but since it began to collect. But that does not mean that everything Facebook did with your data is wrong, and it includes sharing data with smartphone manufacturers, including Chinese companies that intelligence agencies are not particularly fond of. …

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Bill Gates gives this book to college degrees free of charge

Bill Gates believes academics should not neglect to learn after leaving school. He believes so much he has promised to cover the cost of a book for the whole class 2018. All US college graduates can download a free copy of Facts: Ten reasons We're wrong about the world and why Things are better than you think by Hans Rosling, …

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