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Someone made an Anime Face Mod for Fallout 4

Wish Fallout 4 can be a little more anime? There is a courage for it. AnimeRace Nanakochan was created using pixiv's VRoid Studio, which allows artists to create 3D models of their work. Fashion features three different facial models, plus a variety of hairstyles and colors. The fashion only changes the face, but the characters' more realistic bodies and proportions …

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Firefox extensions are disabled due to an expired certificate

Mozilla Firefox users find that all of their add-ons are suddenly disabled. It turns out that this is caused by a discontinued brokerage certificate used to sign Mozilla addons. In many reports of Reddit, Twitter and bug reports of bugzilla, users stated that their Mozilla addons were suddenly disabled with a message that they "could be verified for use in …

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Tesla to employees: If you leak, we will take you, we will burn you, and we can sue you

Tesla employees today received an e-mail notification of fires, felonies and trials as potential consequences for leaking information about the electric vehicle manufacturer to the press, CNBC reported. The e-mail, which was sent by Tesla's security team, listed the latest actions the company had taken against employees who had leaked. A former employee had "filtered out confidential business information from …

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Apex Legends prohibits up to 770,000 who respawn continues Fighting Cheaters

Last week, Respawn Entertainment announced continued plans to handle Apex Legends cheaters but did not state what their plans were. While the California-based studio still doesn't share specific things, to avoid helping cheaters cheat Respawn is finally ready to talk a little about what's happening behind the scenes. This means that bans are awarded to a quarter of a million …

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Call of Duty Esports is ready to change again

Photo: Call of Duty World League ( Twitter ) World War for Call of Duty has only existed since 2016, but it already makes a review that can spell the end of the current format, which mixes weekly matches that have their own cash prizes with bigger two-tone tournaments. Activision plans for its blockbuster shooter series to follow Blizzards Overwatch …

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Dell's pre-installed software left computers open for hijacking

In another example of a problem that is unfortunately known, Bill Demirkapi found a vulnerability in the support software that Dell installs on most of its new computers. His method triggers the SupportAssist software – a way to easily update drivers, customize settings, and clean up unused files – so an attacker can install malware remotely. However, it is worth …

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