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Save hundreds with the best MacBook deals for May 2018

By Lucas Coll Content Provided by Apple is best-known for its highly successful iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Most of today, Apple is best known for its Mac and PC wars. – after all, Steve Jobs effectively pioneered the smartphone as we know it with the iPhone's first debut way back when. The company originally built itself on its excellent …

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Black Ops 4's Beta is Fast-Paced, Frantic Fun

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now the end of beta for PlayStation 4, and it's an addictive, fast and fresh change of formula. 2016 Infinite Warfare & # 39; s high speed jetpacking catered for a newer generation of Call of Duty players but isolated many old school fans of boots-on-ground games. 2017 WWII took the franchise back …

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Google Maps adds one of its most useful features than in completely new update

Google Maps is an incredibly convenient service that regularly receives updates from the technology giant. Although Google usually makes an announcement when a large new feature is released, a number of subtle tweaks are added that radically change the experience with the software. Google Maps allows users to share their places with friends and family, allowing meetings to be made …

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Moto Z3 Smartphone to work with optional 5G Moto Mod Attachment

Motorola's new Moto Z3 smartphone will be sold exclusively through Verizon with a 5G twist – the phone will be an upgradeable device that will accept a snap-on module that provides faster 5G cellular service in the future. The Moto Z3, announced on August 2 in a post on Motorola Blog, has a 6.01 inch Super AMOLED Full HD + …

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GameFly turns off its video game service

Gamefly plans to turn off its video game service at the end of August, according to the company's support line and messages sent to the user's user, Variety has learned. The last support service for streaming service is August 31st. Accounts will not be charged after that date and the company plans to continue their disk-based game rentals via mail. …

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