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Valve says it will hide bad creeps to block review bombs

Valve says it is taking a new approach to user reviews on its gaming marketplace Steam, after trying and largely failing to solve the problem of so-called review bombardment that retrieves its consumer recommendation system. In a blog post published today, Valve says it is "continued to listen to feedback from both players and developers" and it implements a new …

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Apex Legends can be teasing octane with a new in-game object

Share. Get ready to jump. By Miranda Sanchez A small gray and green jumping pillow has appeared in Apex Legends & Kings 39. Based on a simple answer from a Respawn developer, it seems like this is a tease for the upcoming new legend. Reddit users jetblacklab discovered the mysterious object just outside Market. As you walk on the platform, …

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Valve focused on "bomb surveys" in Steam user reviews

Valve says it is refining its attitude to how customer reviews are handled on Steam, and today announces that it plans to identify and remove "off-topic review bombs" that can affect the user review result. Review bombing has been a long-standing problem for digital user-rated stores, and Valve has been trying to combat their impact on Steam with other methods, …

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Dwarf Fortress Is Coming To Steam Because Its Developer Needs Healthcare

Screenshot: Dwarf Fortress (Bay 12 Games) If you want to know why Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam, its co-creator Tarn Adams has one answer: health insurance. "Healthcare costs generally are pretty much the whole reason," Adams customs Kotaku about email. "We've been doing fine with crowdfunding, but we're getting older now, and one health problem that we have in …

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No Man's Sky Beyond Teases Expanded Online Mode

Hello Games has announced its next major expansion for No Man's Sky. The update "Beyond" is slated for the summer and will be free for all players. It is led by a short trailer that shows a hanger, the title and not much more. A blog post that introduces the update says that Hello Games had planned three major features …

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Fast ANTHEM update improves Endgame Loot chances

BioWare made a quick tweak to ANTHEM's endgame loot system, making powerful masterpieces and legendary objects sink more frequently at Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulty levels. Fall rates have also been increased when defeating harder enemies. "This includes: Legendary Titan, Epic Titan, Legendary Fury, Legendary Acid Ursix and Legendary Luminary Elder," read the update notes. This is a server …

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