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It looks like Google is going to launch a podcast app

After continuing to build up its podcasting presence in recent months, Google finally looks at an app intended for podcasts only. According to a cipher spotted by 9to5Google The latest version of the Google app has a hidden line asking users to "Download the Google Podcasts app." Google built a full podcast interface several months ago inside the app, which …

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Everything we know about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. has traditionally thrown a wide network over a divided audience that requires conflicting things from the blockbuster platform fighter. For his party-game fan contingent, Smash rains Bob Ombs and Party Balls. For its highly competitive fan quota, the plan flattens and removes platforms. Previously, Smash has met his split-fan base by making a fighting game in the …

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The switch gets some cool local multiplayer indie games

Two of the Switch's biggest forces since its release have been its strong catalog of indie games and the extensive versatility of the built-in Joy-Con controllers for local multiplayer. So it's sensible to announce at N3 Nintendo two new indie games focusing on local multiplayer: Overcooked 2 and Killer Queen Black. Overcooked 2 is the sequel to Overcooked Team17's popular …

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Uber runs a Lite version of his rider in India

Scaled versions of apps are nothing new; Google has made a lot of "Go" programs that are made especially for emerging markets where internet connections are unreliable, phones are generally less capable and plans offer less data. Uber Lite has been built with India in mind – where it is currently piloted – but it will be coming to other …

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Plume makes home Wi-Fi for a subscription service

A Wi-Fi router starts trying to shake how we think of home Wi-Fi in a big way: by making it a subscription service. The plan comes from Plume, one of several companies that has popped up in recent years to take advantage of the growing popularity of wireless Wi-Fi systems that use multiple routers to provide better home coverage. Plume …

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E3 2018: God of War PS4's new game Plus mode is on its way

God of War gets a new Game Plus mode, Sony confirmed during E3 2018. PlayStation boss Shawn Layden announced the situation during the strange backing of Sony's briefing. He had nothing more to say about what the New Game Plus mode will bring, but Layden confirmed that more news will be coming soon. Based on the name, it will mean …

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