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Apple iOS 12 review: Less mess

There are more Animoji this year, but Memoji is the big new addition in IOS 12. If you're not fast, you can do more than just put on a virtual T-Rex mask for your stupid messages: You can cobble together your own, with dozens of options for skin tones, hairstyles, eyebrows, head shapes and more. If you have ever agonized …

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Hero 7 is GoPro's shot on a comeback

One of the only ways to get really good at doing something extreme is to find and be comfortable with the limits of that action. To become a world class snowboarder like huck's corkscrew 1080s 20 meters over half a tube of ice, you'll inevitably hit any of the ice along the way. GoPro started in 2018 on the floor …

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Facebook can meet EU sanctions if it does not adjust the Terms of Service

The EU returns to Facebook FACEBOOK GIVES EU SANCTIONS if it does not terminate its Terms of Service (TOS) to comply with new European Consumer Rights Laws introduced in March Reuters was reported. Earlier, the EU adopted several laws aimed at better protecting consumers from data and money, greedy technology companies, including by offering the opportunity to sue for technology …

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Facebook and Twitter must comply with EU consumer rules or face sanctions

Facebook and Twitter face sanctions if they do not comply with European consumer rules before the end of the year, the EU said its regulatory authorities continue to suffer the US social media on private issues. Online platforms have been under fire in Europe because of their dominance and anti-competitive business practices, resulting in large fines surrendered to certain companies. …

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Huawei Mate 20 leaks confirm curved sides

Huawei has been having fun with Samsung and Apple after their respective smartphone messages, and in less than a month, we will find out if it will not deserve such shame as well. Granted, almost everything about Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro has more or less been confirmed leaky or, as far as the Kirin 980 processor is …

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GoPro's hero 7 camera trio leaked out

Not that GoPro only leans anti-shake technology to sell Black. Apparently, the 4K60 capable camera is designed to be social with a live streaming alternative that shares online videos, even if you record them for posterity. You can even capture vertical videos and photos to keep smart phone volume, set self-timer footers and restrict video clips to social 15 or …

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