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Will the Galaxy S10 become Samsung's first 5G phone? – BGR

Somehow, we're already flooded with the Galaxy S10 rumors, despite Samsung's next big deal being Galaxy Note 9, due to this summer. But some reports say that the Galaxy S10 can start earlier than usual next year, as Samsung finally takes the Galaxy X folding phone to the market later this year. Therefore, the Galaxy S10 can be announced in …

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What Google Duplex is really designed to do – Quartz

Last week, Google presented Google Duplex, a new technology for conducting natural calls to perform "real" tasks via the phone. For specific tasks, such as scheduling certain types of meetings, the system allows people to speak normally as they would to another person. In consultant manager Sundar Pichai, Google's AI founded a recorded call to a salon to make a …

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AMD Ryzen CPU release date, specifications and price: Dell, HP and Lenovo introduce Ryzen Pro system

<! – -> May 15, 2018 : AMD has launched upgraded Ryzen Pro microprocessors with Ryzen cores integrated with Vega graphics – which AMD used to call accelerated processors or APU devices. The parts are meant for corporate laptops and desktops, with the launch coinciding with new mobile and desktop systems from Dell, HP and Lenovo, which carry the new …

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Australia Probes claim that Google is harvesting data that consumers pay

PHILOTO: Google logo at office building in Irvine, California ] Thomson Reuters By Colin Packham SYDNEY (Reuters) – Google is under investigation in Australia after claiming that it collects data from millions of Android smartphone users who accidentally pay their telecom suppliers for gigabytes consumed during harvest, Regulators said Tuesday . In response to the latest privacy issues around Google, …

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Galaxy S9 offers fastest mobile internet speeds ever: Ookla

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are the fastest phones ever when it comes to supported Internet speeds, according to a new research conducted by the Wireless Analytics company Ookla. The company's latest speed test indicates that Samsung's Android flagship surpasses all its rivals by up to 42 percent in downloading and streaming any kind of content from the …

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Someone could download Cambridge researchers' 4 million users Facebook data set for several years – TechCrunch

A data set of more than 3 million Facebook users and a variety of personal data collected by Cambridge researchers was available to anyone to download in a few four years, New Scientist reports. It is probably only one of many places where such large sets of personal data collected during a period of allowed Facebook access terms have been …

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