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Former Apple employee charged with theft of autonomous vehicle secrets

The US government has filed fees for theft of business secrets against a former member of Apple's self-driving car team, according to MacRumors. The former employee, Xiaolang Zhang, was arrested on Saturday in San Jose, California, while trying to fly to China and questioned by the FBI regarding the alleged theft of Apple's intellectual property. According to a criminal complaint …

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Instagram tests a way to add some clarity in its verification process – Adweek

Instagram began testing a feature that would remove some of the mystery behind the verification process. The Facebook-owned image and video sharing network confirmed that it is testing an application form that enables "all accounts that are remarkable and authentic" the ability to get the coveted bruise on their profiles. The form is currently available to iOS users in the …

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Nvidia is training innocent AI to clean watermarks of images

Artificial intelligence can make beautiful images while potentially violating the law. Nvidia's latest AI technology, announced Monday, can automatically fix grainy photos. And that "fixation" includes removing text and watermarks. Nvidia, and researchers from Aalto University and MIT, trained AI's neural network by feeding thousands of pictures. But instead of offering it before and after images with both corrupt and …

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WhatsApp aims to fight false news with new message labels

After revealing yesterday that WhatsApp had chosen to launch a full-time newspaper in India hoping to spread awareness about false news, the Facebook-owned messaging service has now confirmed that it rolls out a new feature that aims to reduce the problem. The new feature, which is quite simple, will see all forwarded messages marked as to clarify the recipient they …

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Welcome to China, Tesla. Now it's time to heal up

Anjani Trivedi is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist who covers industrial companies in Asia. She previously worked for the Wall Street Journal. Read more Welcome to China, Elon. Let's talk about how this will work. Tesla Inc. has emerged as a clear accident in the midst of a breeding trade war. On Tuesday, President Elon Musk sent an agreement with the …

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Apple Psychotherapist Giannandrea Needs To Heal Siri's Split Mind. Apple has put John Giannandrea exactly where he belongs where his first task will be to fix the schizophrenia that plagues Siri that has done nothing but harm to

<div _ngcontent-c16 = "" innerhtml = " Shutterstock the appeal of Apple's digital assistant. John Giannandrea is a Scottish computer scientist who recently led Google's Search and AI activities before being poached by Apple to fix its flagging AI efforts. So far, excellence in AI has not been determined by how Siri to suddenly earn a PhD overnight is going …

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