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Game Boy games belong on Nintendo Switch Online

Celebrating 30 years of the Game Boy I can recall the very first time I experienced the awful phenomenon known as FOMO, or "fear of missing out." It was in middle school. I was obsessed with the WWF at the time and my family had recently traded in our SNES for the way cooler PlayStation. That was the center of …

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Britain's latest list of most hacked passwords is as bad as you'd think – TechCrunch

Names, football players, musicians and fictitious characters are some of the worst passwords of the year, according to the British Government's National Cyber ​​Security Center. But nothing beats "123456" as the worst password for everyone. 19659002] There is no shock to any experienced security. For years, the six-digit password has donned the worst password for everyone, given its broad use. …

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Does Microsoft still work on sets?

It was the tweet that was heard "around the (Microsoft) world: Bets are" no more. "Apart from one thing. Did this confusion lead? Microsoft senior program director Rich Turner, responded to a question on Twitter about Sets wrote that "screen-satisfied tab experience is no longer," triggers many writing, like this one on How-To Geek, which proclaims that sets were dead. …

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Lost or stolen Android phone? Here's how to get it back

It may happen in a few seconds: You leave your phone on a disk in the store and go away, or someone bumps you into the street and takes your phone straight out of your pocket or bag. Losing a phone, whether it is theft or an honest mistake, is a stressful experience. Not only do you break your access …

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13 examples of assistant are absolutely clueless

Google Assistant knows a surprising number of things. Ask about the distance between the earth and the moon or who won the last Superbowl, and it gives you the right answer right away. But as a virtual assistant, there are times when it just can't handle it. It either takes things too literally or comes up with a completely unexpected …

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