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Kaspersky Lab provides antitrust complaints over IOS screen time

Kasbersky Lab has filed an antitrust complaint after Apple notified the company that its screen time management app is in violation of the App Store policies. In a blog post first discovered by 9to5Mac Kaspersky Lab claims that Apple only raised an objection to Kaspersky's Safe Kids app after the launch of the IOS 12 screen time model, which offers …

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Ars Technica is a hiring and experienced reporter

Ars Technica is looking for an experienced reporter — a true journalistic hustler who will work (literal and metaphorical) phones to bring our readers fresh, hot news about the interaction between technology and society What do we mean by "technology and society"? We mean stories about the growing political and cultural "Big Tech backlash," copyright clashes, the culture of Silicon …

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Galaxy Fold vs Motorola Razr: Foldable phone specs comparison

Galaxy Fold is a long slim phone that folds out into a mini tablet. Samsung Motorola makes a collapsible phone that will be out this summer and there is much reason to be excited . The company is rumored to revive its beloved Razr brand that dominated the phone landscape before smartphones were a thing. But Razr will have to …

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Google Stages hands-on: I'm in distrust of low latency

Google Stages make quite a promise: play AAA games on almost any device with a screen and an internet connection no power console or computer is needed. Cloud gaming platforms tend to set expectations extremely high, but their Achilles heel is latency, the delay between pressing a button and the streaming game responding with an action. I have always had …

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Opera adds a free, unlimited VPN to its Android browser

Opera has released a new version of its mobile browser – and it comes with something special. Opera for Android 51 includes a built-in, unlimited VPN to protect your privacy and improve security – and it's free. The built-in VPN should prove particularly useful if you're connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots in places like cafes and hotels It uses 256-bit …

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AirPods: Our complete guide to Apple's wireless headphones

First released in 2016, Apple's AirPods is widely considered one of the company's best products in recent years, with AirPods providing good battery life, portability, ease of charging, easy connectivity and unmatched Bluetooth range. AirPods are so popular that Apple still has trouble keeping them in stock at times and two years after the start, it's not uncommon to see …

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