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Google Duplex restaurant reservation review

Fingers crossed, and with my wife probably quietly wishing I'd call to confirm the reservation myself, we walked into the relatively empty restaurant. I walked to the host stand and said my name is Todd Haselton and I have a reservation for 6:45. "OK great," the host said, ready to show me to my table. But I had to ask …

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Nvidia (NVDA) and AMD (AMD) are two of the best buyers in the sector

It's an exciting time to be a semiconductor company. Use for chips to grow, from connected cars to connected home speakers, while the process of making chips becomes harder and harder, making things more valuable. There will be music for the ears of proprietors of shares in two of the best companies in the industry, Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro …

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3D-written head can unlock your phone

[Thomas Brewster] writes for Forbes, but we think he would be home with us. He had a 3D-printed head that was made in his own image and then decided to see which phones with facial recognition he could unlock. Visa's response is: Most of them – at least those who run Android. The tested models included an iPhone X, a …

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Christmas comes to Red Dead Online with Festive Saloon Music

It's almost Christmas, if you had not noticed, and all the games that value their salt will celebrate right with us. Seasonal updates are not uncommon today, due to the ease with which games can be updated, and it seems that Rockstar feels festive. In Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer page, Red Dead Online, you can now hear a wide …

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Free Destiny 2 In-Game Articles are out now for some lost owners

Die-Hard Destiny 2 players sign up for today's weekly recovery and chasing down the new Izanami Forge will have something nice to wait for: a series of in-game stuff called Banan Veteran. It's Bungie's way of saying thanks to early adopters of the Forsaken expansion, something that the developer announced in October. The dog band's veteran is free to all …

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A first look at Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is a new virtualization feature that Microsoft will integrate into Windows 10. Windows Sandbox allows users and administrators to run software in a sandbox so that it can not damage the underlying system. Sandboxing is not a new concept, but users had to resort to installing third party solutions like Sandboxie or virtual machines like VMWare or VirtualBox …

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