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Sergio Bailey from Tampa Bay Buccaneers injures the ankle on a sloppy field

TAMPA, Fla. – Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie broad receiver Sergio Bailey suffered a serious injury injury in warm-up before Friday night's previous year's game after a severe immersion created sloppy conditions. Bailey warmed up after a 59-minute weather delay against Detroit Lions at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa when he planted his foot wrong in the field, which had become …

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Something is very wrong with the giant running game

At some point the giants must set up, hit one of the ball and drive it into the throat. It may not need to be so graphic, but you get the idea. What has happened this summer with the giants and their running games will not be acceptable when the games count for real. Now, rookie Saquon Barkley missed the …

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Miguel Andujar adds to award CV as Yankee's role in Game 1

BALTIMORE – Yankees Bottom Feeder Tour rolled into Camden Yards on Saturday for two games against a team so bad MLB should seriously consider putting it in sleep. With J.A. Happily gives the latest solid trip after being acquired, Miguel Andujar reinforced his bid to be AL Rookie of the Year and Brett Gardner, Gleyber Torres and Aaron Hicks homering, …

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Josh Gordon idiot with tweaked hamstring, is likely to sit out of Detroit games

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Brown's recipient Josh Gordon was cleansed by NFL Saturday to attend training and games, but his hamstrings did not get the listing. Removed from the list without football injury Saturday morning and therefore entitled to all football activity, Gordon was free in afternoon practice, largely due to the tightness of his hamstring that occurred during conditioning at …

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Washington Redskins 53-man roster projection, version 3.0

Redskins played terribly Friday night against Broncos. Washington lost 29-17 after leaning 17-3 in half. It is not worth sugar coating. The single bright spot came from the performance Adrian Peterson a future Hall of Fame who drove back which looked like an immediate replacement as the backfield starts. But in a twisted way it's almost worse for Redskins that …

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