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NASA GRACE-FO Satellites will track changes to the earth's water and ice

During the 15-year GRACE mission, researchers found "significant changes in all parts of the world," Michael Watkins, senior researcher of GRACE-FO and head of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said at a compilation of 30 April. One of the most significant results was the extent to which the melting of the Earth's polar ice capsules has contributed to …

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How is it going to participate in an earthquake quarter – Quartz

At the end of last week, a group of people gathered in Birmingham, England for the first platelet convention in Britain. Most people at Congress participated because they believe in one of the most common conspiracy theories in the modern era: the earth is flat. Similar talks have occurred in the United States and Canada before and the spread of …

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Gaia takes a fingerprint of the Large Magellanic Cloud – Astronomy Now

A large source of taxation of data gathered by the European Space Agency's Gaia Astrometricsound, which has now cataloged approximately 1.7 billion stars, is details of the composition and rotation of Stora Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of Winter Street. According to ESA, this image combines "the total amount of radiation detected by Gaia in each pixel of measurements of …

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Afraid of heights in space: NASA astronaut details flight

of Stacey Plaisance | AP of Stacey Plaisance | AP May 3 at 19:37 STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Ms. "When the NASA astronaut Joseph Acaba was out and made a space strike during a new trip to the International Space Station, he was stuck. That's because Acaba is afraid of heights. "Looking at the pictures, I hold onto the rails," he …

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The girl finds 475 million years old fossil near the Tennessee lake

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. – An 11-year-old girl in Tennessee discovered an amazing discovery when she found a 475 million-year-old fossil dating back to the paleozoan era. Ryleigh Taylor, 11, said she found the fossil as she walked along Douglas Lake. For confirmation, her family contacted Colin Sumrall, a professor of paleobiology at the University of Tennessee. Sumrall said that Ryleigh found …

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