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It's weird: Theft of mammoth proportions: The agency seeks stolen cheats | features

Theft of mammoth proportions: The Office Seeks Stolen Tusk ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A federal agency wants its wooly mammoth tusk back. The Bureau of Land Management in Alaska asks the public to help restore an approximately 10,000-year-old tusk stolen from the Campbell Creek Science Center, an interpretation center in eastern Anchorage. The wool mammoth is Alaskan's official state fossil. The …

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Photographer Captures a Rare Celestial Trio: Moon, Venus and Fireball All in one image

Moon, Venus and a fireball are seen in this image, captured on Saturday, June 16, 2018 near Heidelberg, Germany. (Uwe Reichert / ESA) A European photographer caught a once-in-a-lifetime picture while watching Venus and the moon last weekend. Uwe Reichert photographed the moon, Venus and a raging fireball in the same picture. Scientists believe the meteor passed directly across Belgium …

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Stonehenge Builders used Pythagoras theorem 2000 years before he was born

A new book claims that Stonehenge builders followed Pythagoras theorem when they built it around 2500 BC. in the United Kingdom. Greek mathematician Pythagoras was not born to 570 BC. ( Zdeněk Tobiáš | Pixabay ) As one of Britain's most famous landmarks, Stonehenge is a symbol of scientific achievement during a time when scientific understanding did not seem likely. …

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The nuclear power plant moves to Research Park

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. "A nuclear-based company has major plans in Huntsville. This week, the city leaders welcomed BWX Technologies to Tennessee Valley. Business executives have begun moving into their new space at Research Park. BWXT leaders say they are one of the only companies in the United States that are certified to handle the uranium of weapon layers. The company currently …

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T. Rex could not stand the tongue: study

The Tyrannosaurus rex is crowned "The Lizard King of Dinosaurs", a historically hard carnivore who often depicted his tongue. But researchers said Wednesday would have been anatomically impossible. It was because the extinct T. rex probably had a tongue attached to the bottom of the mouth, just like an alligator or crocodile, the study said in the newspaper PLOS ONE.

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