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Winners of Nikon's microscope photo contest are breathtaking

Human eyes may be remarkable tools to view the universe, but they also restrict our perception of reality to a limited, macroscopic slice. Fortunately, microscopes grant us access to a fantastic, beautiful, and sometimes shocking universe that hides Beyond the limits of vision. To honor the mastery required to capture the microscopic world and appreciate its wonders, the Nikon Small …

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Artificial "blades" can replace PETROL with a flammable gas it creates with sunlight

Artificial "leaves" can replace PETROL with a flammable gas it creates with sunlight and water, researchers say The device contains precious cobalt and needs only light and water It uses a process similar to photosynthesis to create sings, an already used fuel Researchers believe their green process can create a fuel to replace gasoline By Ian Randall and Sam Blanchard …

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What was the first color in the universe?

This illustration shows the evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to the left, to modern times to the right. Credit: NASA The universe bathes in a sea of ​​light, from the blue-white flickering of young stars to the deep red glow of hydrogen clouds. In addition to the colors that human eyes see, there are flashes of X-rays …

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Add & # 39; Pseudo Thumb & # 39; to Aye-Aye Lemur's Bizarre Anatomy

Madagascar's aye-aye lemur is a delightful departure from an animal. It has huge ears, a bushy tail, mammary glands between the legs and white hairs that brush when it is upset. Above a vampiric nose and mouth with incisions that never stop growing, candy corn-colored eyes glow like full moons. Wavy fingers terminated in curved claws puncture the hands. The …

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Scientists discover a "pseudo-thumb" on the hands of aye-ayes

Anatomists have discovered a new weirdness: Aye-ayes has a small sixth finger, a "pseudotum," that sprouts from the palms, researchers reported Monday in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Lemurs are "strange, isolated primates found only on the island of Madagascar," said North Carolina State University lemur expert and anatomist Adam Hartstone-Rose, who has studied lemurs since he was a …

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Shooting Stars from Halley's Comet to Light Up Sky Tonight

This year's Orionid meteor shower will be at its best and brightest tonight (October 21-22) as the celestial phenomena lights up the skies of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The annual event usually begins around October 2, picking up steam towards the middle of the month and petering out into November. This year, the peak of the shower will take …

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