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NASA has discovered the building blocks of life in two meteorites

A team of scientists says that sugar molecules – crucial to the evolution of life on Earth – have been found in two different fallen meteorites. The discovery suggests that meteor impact may have delivered sugar to the Earth, according to a NASA press release. One of the sugars is the RNA component ribose, an important biological building block, and …

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New danger for coral in warming sea: Metal pollution

Sea fans swing weakly in a fresh coral bed. Credit: Allison Tracy, Cornell University Metal cups from agricultural runoff and marine painting leaching from boat hulls pose a growing threat to soft coral fans in the waters around Puerto Rico. In a Cornell-led study, published in the journal Ecological Applications researchers report evidence of metal contamination that poses a danger …

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Astronomers detect water vapor around Jupiter's moon Europe

In the hunt for life in our solar system, Mars tends to steal the limelight (thanks David Bowie). But in recent years, Jupiter's fourth largest moon, Europe, has emerged as a promising extraterrestrial nursery. Planetary scientists have long suspected that Europe can house a huge floating sea of ​​water under its thick, icy crust. If the ocean of Europe also …

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The scientist claims to have insects on Mars, but I think they are just rocks

Entomologist William Romoser commented on this NASA Mars rover image to suggest that it shows an insect-like shape. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Annotations by William Romoser There are no robotic legs on Mars . Or femur . Or reptiles that run around and eat Martian insects. I am convinced to make these statements, but not everyone agrees. Entomologist William Romoser, …

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The Starlink problem Astronomers were completely worried about

For modern astronomers, satellites are only part of life. There are more than 2,000 active people currently orbiting the Earth, and the smartest senses in space photography have been able to work out smart ways to remove single flies from their space images. But then there is Starlink. The first stages of SpaceX's plan to launch up to 42,000 satellites …

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We live through the world's second hottest year, says the US Agency National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

According to a report, there is about a 85% chance that the year will wind up ranking as the second warmest. This year is likely to be the planet's second or third warmest calendar year on record since the modern The temperature data collection began in 1880, according to data released this week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. …

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