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There were a total of 12 Apollo space flights. We remember them by number if the story was made (Apollo 11) or things went wrong (1 and 13). With either action, we should remember Apollo 8: The first mission to take people all the way to (though not on) the moon. "Rocket Men" opens in the summer of 1968, with …

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These diamonds from space were formed inside a lost planet, researchers say USA and World News

A decade ago, an astronomer in Arizona discovered an asteroid that was directed straight to the ground. He promptly called for help from colleagues and vacant stargazers who traced the space stone as it exploded in the sky and rained shrapnel down on the Nubian desert in Sudan. Students from the University of Khartoum volunteers to search for fragments, ultimately …

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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2018: This weekend in Colorado

Spring and summer meteor shower season starts this month with Lyrid meteor shower, which runs April 16-22 and tops Sunday, April 22nd. If the cloudy sky cleans, Coloradans will have a nice view. Starting looking at the meteor shower at night of Earth Day, at midnight April 21, through the early morning hours of Sunday, April 22nd. In Colorado, skywatchers …

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Dodo's violent death revealed – ScienceDaily

The famous Oxford Dodo died after shooting at the back of his head, according to breakthrough research at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and WMG at the University of Warwick. Using revolutionary forensic scanning technology and world-class expertise, researchers have discovered surprising evidence that Oxford Dodo shot at the neck and back of the head with shotgun. The …

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Report Details How NASA prepares astronauts for future Mars missions

Two separate attempts are being made to see how people handle the psychological challenges that a mission to Mars may make. For the average person, nothing else can be done than space agencies have to launch a manned Mars mission. done in the past when sending people to outer space. But there are so many additional things to consider when …

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Yellowstone Hotspot: Researchers find source of Supervolcano's Heat

Researchers used seismic tomography to find Yellowstone hotspot suspected of being part of a mantle plume derived from the Earth's robe and core. "Steal" monitoring of heat can prevent next Yellowstone outbreak. Mark Ralston | AFP / Getty Images ) A giant volcano is located under Yellowstone National Park and the heat it generates drives all hot springs and geysers …

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