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Millions of asteroids flying near the earth? If yes, we are at risk

In a new research, California-based ideal private organization, the B612 Foundation has found that there are millions of asteroids flying near the ground. [19659003] The research is led by the organization's president Danica Remy. After serving as B612's COO, she was appointed president in 2017 and since then she did this survey. She believes that telescopes are too small to …

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Blue Origin launches new Shepard Space Capsule on top test flights yet

Blue Origin, the private space company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos, launched its passenger spacecraft New Shepard on a test flight Sunday (April 29) with a dummy astronaut and experimenting on its highest spacecraft yet. New Shepard 2.0 rocket and capsule, both of which have flown in space earlier, lifted off from Blue Origins launch site for West Texas at. …

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Life … finds a way: Gazette on the go visit Jurassic Giants at Mystic Aquarium – News – Newburyport Current

Kristina [email protected] There are dinosaurs at Mystic Aquarium. Yes, you read correctly. Okay, they are animatronic, but it's a good time right now. From the end of the year you can visit Jurassic Giants: A Dinosaur Adventure with a ticket for entry to the aquarium. The exhibition has 12 animatronic dinosaurs, as well as some replica chords and teeth and …

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Researchers predict an Amazon rainforest and a warmer Indonesia in the future

Researchers have found a way to model how different parts of the world could respond to climate change in the future. Based on modeling results, they suggest that certain areas will experience dramatic fluctuations in their weather patterns. Due to the growth of greenhouse gases, the Amazon rainforest will wipe out in the future, while forests in Africa and Indonesia …

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Stunning Mars photo shocks the Internet

A remarkable photo has conspiracy theorists claiming a carved image of an ancient warrior woman, although that is very unlikely. We finally have proof that aliens once lived on Mars, claim conspiracy Theorists, and it is from this photo, clearly depicting a carved image of an ancient warrior race that once lived on Mars. Or, it's just another oddly shaped …

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Space photos of the week: ESA's Gaia Tallies up our milk road

This brand new image of our Winter Street was released this week by the European Space Agency's Gaia project. In just this long galactic string, Gaia has counted 1.7 billion stars. Such findings constitute the most accurate and comprehensive investigation of our galaxy in astronomical history. Does this make you sweat? Saturn's rings are known to dazzle, and this picture …

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