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The US space force is finally leaving the planet

Go Time The newly formed US space force will actually go into orbit for the first time on Thursday. The mission, which will send a military communications satellite to orbit from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, is still on track for its 3 p.m. EST launch according to Ars Technica. That’s because unlike other groups like SpaceX and NASA, …

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Uransus loses atmosphere due to its wavering magnetic field

Voyager 2 has long since left our solar system and went into the interstellar space to explore the unknown, but scientists are still learning from the data it collected when passing by the other planets in our system. A new analysis of 30-year-old data has revealed a surprising discovery about the planet Uranus – the huge magnetic bubble that surrounds …

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NASA’s Perseverance rover “takes” nearly 11 million people to Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover is getting ready to go to Mars and it takes millions of people on their daring journey. A poster in memory of NASA’s “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign was installed on the rover Perseverance Mars.NASA The team preparing the robot for the launch scheduled for July-August 2020 had some final touches on its metallic body. The …

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Avoid coronavirus: 11 ways to help you stay safe when leaving the house

Social distance is important in the grocery store, but it is also how you shop. Jessica Dolcourt / CNET Visit the WHO website for the latest coronavirus pandemic updates and information. Navigate in a shopping cart in the grocery store. Touch a keypad to add a tip for yours restaurant take-out order. When walking, press the button at a traffic …

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Multi-stage deformation process in high entropy alloys at ultra-low temperatures revealed

Deformation path for CrMnFeCoNi HEA specimens at 15 K. Vertical dashed lines are drawn to determine the changes in deformation behavior: (1) Start of dislocation slip; (2) the beginning of stacking errors; (3) first signs of consolation; and (4) massive towers coincided with the saturation of the displacement. Credit: © City University of Hong Kong / Science Advances An international …

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Researchers discover new species of predator fish in New Mexico

Evidence that predators once flooded a much more extensive area during the dinosaurs’ disappearing days. A new discovery in the Ojo Alamo Formation in New Mexico has discovered a pint-sized predator belonging to the same family of razor-tinted predators seen in Jurassic park and Jurassic World movies. Because of their thin, airy bones, birds of prey are very valuable to …

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