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Nanaimo science student tries to go to the International Space Station

WATCH: Grade 11 students from Nanaimo District Secondary School were at Kennedy Space Station in Florida Friday morning to see the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket taking its muscle atrophy experiment in space. SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Friday morning. There is a dock at the International Space Station on Monday and when …

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UiT reaches the milestone in space – Nation

SHAH ALAM: Universiti Technology Mara (UiTM) can proudly say that it is the first local university to have a nanosatellite in space. UiTMSAT-1 is transported to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force, Florida, in the US yesterday. The commercial resupply mission is expected to reach the space station with payload, including UiTMSAT-1 …

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Ingredients for life discovered gushing out of Saturn's moon | USA and World News

Last autumn, when NASA's famous Cassini spacecraft was spiraled against its final, deadly descent in Saturn's cloud, astronaut Morgan Cable could not help tearing a school bus size scale, which became a victim of his own success. Early in his mission, Cassini discovered that he moved over Saturn's ice-covered moon Enceladus, discovered rays of ice and saltwater from cracks in …

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Increase awareness of the risk of space stones

Happy International Asteroid Day! On Saturday, June 30, scientists from around the world will gather to discuss the dangers that asteroids make up for Earth's planet – and what we can do to mitigate that threat. Institutions around the world arrange events to raise awareness of asteroids. You can find events near you on the Asteroid Day event page or …

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