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A possible explanation for varying measurements of Venus rotational speed

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A trio of researchers with the University of California and the Sorbonne Universit√©s have found a possible explanation of why Venus probes have found different day lengths for the planet. In their magazine published in the journal Nature Geoscience T. Navarro, G. Schubert and S. Lebonnois describe a theory that they have developed based on observation …

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Mystical Martian Rocks finally explained

This website can earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of Use. Mars today is almost completely geologically inert, but it was not always the case. Researchers believe they have identified a process that created the previously inexplicable Medusae fossil formations on the planet's surface. Researchers have used data from routing spacecraft to point their finger at …

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New NASA mission to detect the use of plant water from space

ECOSTRESS will measure the temperature of plants from space. Researchers will be able to use the temperature data to better understand how much water facilities need and how they respond to water shortages. Credit: USDA Doctors learn a lot about patient health by taking the temperature. An elevated temperature or fever can be a sign of disease. The same applies …

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Looking for signs of global warming? They are around you | Local

First in a two-day series GOTHIC, Colo. (AP) – David Inouye is an unfortunate climate scientist. More than 40 years ago, the biologist at the University of Maryland began to study when wildflowers, birds, bees and butterflies first performed every spring on this mountain. Today, plants and animals arrive at Rocky Mountain Biological Lab a week or two earlier than …

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Two-legged mutant calf births; At first glance, it looks like Kangaroo

Without this hindrance, this calf has become attractive in China. YouTube Screenshot: AngelWill Wang Shiyouhe, a farmer and bull dealer in Shandong Province, East China bought a mutant calf that only has two legs in the body. At first glance, the mutant calf looks like a kangaroo, and Shiyouhe bought it after one of his friends made it to his …

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