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Under the sea, marine heat waves can cause chaos on wildlife AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) – Even the oceans break the temperature register this summer with heat waves. From the San Diego Coast, researchers earlier this month registered high-speed ocean water temperatures since daily measurements began in 1916. "Just as we have heat waves on land, we also have heat waves in the ocean," said Art Miller from Scripp's Institution of Oceanography . …

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Was a Muppet Just Spotted on Mars?

And today's HiPOD also offers a nice dose of pareidolia! #CannotUnsee pic.twitter.com/ZWtdfCCH3d – HiRISE (NASA) (@HiRISE) August 13, 2018 Mars is the only known planet in the universe that was only inhabited by robots , but on Monday (13 Aug), NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had a close encounter with the furred type. Dotting the surface of the red plane's southern …

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Time to think about the climate challenge

It is likely that there is much more at stake when breaking the climate goals in Paris than just a slightly warmer planet. (Photo: Shutterstock) The climate change challenge has fallen in a familiar pattern – more research papers on climate change, another COP meeting (conference between parties), more commitments from world governments to do something, continue to grow in …

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Study of materials surrounding distant stars shows the earth's ingredients "quite common"

Artists' impression of white dwarf star (to the right) showing the dust board and surrounding planetary bodies. Credit: NASA Earth's building blocks appear to be built from "fairly normal" ingredients, according to researchers working with the world's most powerful telescope. Researchers have measured the compositions of 18 different planetary systems from up to 456 light years away and compared them …

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Spacewalking Cosmonauts Throw small satellites from the space station

The Kosmonauts Oleg Artemyev (left) and Sergey Prokopyev (right) threw a cable for the ICARUS experiment during a space walk on August 15th. Credit: NASA TV ] Two Russian cosmonauts completed a graveling, nearly 8-hour spacecraft Wednesday (15 Aug), throwing small satellites in circulation from the International Space Station, among other tasks. The Kosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Prokopyev arrived …

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See Venus Shine with Jupiter and the Moon this week!

See Jupiter and Venus with the crescent in southwest heaven this week. Credit: Starry Night Software Planet Guard is on for a special show this week when the bright celestial bodies Venus and Jupiter glow in the sky next to the crescent. You can catch the show tonight (Aug 15) and tomorrow (August 16) – as long as the skis …

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