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Ancient material that formed the earth discovered

As comets, like the Hale Bopp shown here, we pass the sun, they release dust that can reach the earth's orbit and dissolve through the atmosphere where it can collect. (Photo: Philipp Salzgeber, CC-License BY-SA 2.0)) It may not have been far, far away, but it's really a long time ago. Researchers have discovered some of the original interstellar dust …

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NASA spacecraft begins the longest planet travel ever

Washington, June 12 (Prentina Latina) NASA's New Horizons spacecraft began the longest planet's journey in history, a journey to Ultima Thule-2014 MU 69, a mysteriously irregular object in Kuiper Belt, reported digital media. Reproduction of the primitive body's characteristics is the purpose of the probe that has been inactive since December 21 to save resources and executed commands on the …

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Researchers left confused by mysterious objects that threaten Milk's super massive black holes

SCIENCES have discovered several strange objects near the super massive black hole in the heart of our Melkweg galaxy. The mysterious structures, placed behind a galactic dust scale, can withstand the powerful gravitational drag of Keck Observatory Astronomers track these mysteries "G objects" against the Melky Way Center. Getty – Contributors These so-called g objects are considered to be the …

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The science behind the sense of hanging, revealed

As the sponges become more common, shortens your fuse: the concept of "hanging" – angry because of hunger – is too real for many of us. Scientific researchers have now studied how hunger manifests as a feeling and found that we interpret ambiguous images and scenarios as negative when we are hungry. According to the team of the University of …

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