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Study of ancient asteroids reveals the solar system its tumultuous past

A reorganization of the solar system's outer planets would have occurred during the early stages of its formation, according to a new study of two Trojan Asteroids of Jupiter. The American astrophysicist David Nesvorny and his colleagues at the Southwest Research Institute have studied a rare pair of asteroids called Patroclus and Menoetius, which is approximately the same distance from …

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Yorkshire's forest size must be planted for Britain to meet its climate targets, warns scientists

Large fields of crops and woodland should be planted across the British countryside to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, according to a new report. As the nation strives to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution by releasing fossil fuels, experts have warned that this will not suffice to meet Britain's strict climate targets. To avoid the worst effects of climate …

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Curiosity reveals mysterious variations of terrain on Vera Rubin Ridge

Laurel Kornfeld September 11th, 2018 Panoramic view of Curiosity surroundings. NASA / JPL-Caltech NASA's curiosity riders have depicted Martian terrain that has an unrivaled variety of colors and textures on the Vera Rubin Ridge, a 250-kilometer wide look that forms a distinctive layer of Mount Sharp. The rover has explored this mardian mountain since its arrival in 2012. One of …

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NASA's Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft begins its Science Work Today

On August 17, 2018, NASA's OSIRIS-REX spacecraft received its first images of its Asteroid Asteroid Bennu target. OSIRIS-REX was about 1.4 million miles from Bennu at that time. Credit: NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona NASA's asteroid sampling OSIRIS-REx probe switches out of pure chase mode. OSIRIS-REX, launched against the 1,640-foot wide (500 meters) near the Earth's Asteroid Bennu …

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"Mysterious Radio Outbreaks" in outer space discovered by alien-hunting artificial intelligence

Unusual and "mysterious radio outbreaks" have been discovered 3 billion light years away, thanks to artificial intelligence. (Credit: REUTERS / NASA / Handout via Reuters) N.A.. may have tried to "call home" but new evidence indicates that he can now try to reach us. Unusual and "mysterious radio outbreaks" have been discovered 3 billion light years away from the earth …

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The space station manager denies frequent crew that causes leakage

The head of the Russian space organization caused a movement last week when he said that a hole drilled through the side of the Soyuz ferry driven to the international space station was the Russians blame Soyuz leak on human error "either on earth or in space. " Station manager Drew Feustel said Tuesday it really did not happen in …

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