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New study suggests that your furniture can make your family sick – BGR

You'd probably never think that something as innocent as a couch can pose a risk to you or your family, but a new study from Duke University gives you such a great opportunity. The research focused on children in homes with interiors that contain specific compounds, and the results are a little worried. The research, presented at this year's annual …

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MIT developed a new system to help robots track objects

The system, which will be presented in a paper in USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, is surprisingly simple and new. RFID tags are applied to an object and provide a signal that gives a robot a more accurate idea of ​​where the target is. The system can possibly replace the data view, which is often limited by …

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New galaxies found: Researchers have discovered 300,000 new galaxies with LOFAR telescopes

Over 300,000 more galaxies discovered A new map of the night sky has been published and hundreds of thousands of previously undiscovered galaxies are on it. The 300,000 new galaxies were discovered as part of a study involving 200 researchers from 18 countries, using a low-frequency telescope (the Netherlands). The telescope can detect light sources that optical instruments cannot see. …

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NASA National Researcher discovers the first old dead star with rare rings

NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / Scott Wiessinger A citizen researcher working with NASA has discovered an old, cold dying star who can give a window to the fate of our own solar system from now on. Melina Thévenot, a national researcher from Germany, discovered an anomaly while searching data collected by the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft. At …

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Why do we not need to panic about a sudden switch

The magnetic north pole wandered a little over time, but it followed a fairly predictable path around a relatively small area of ​​the Canadian Arctic islands. For a moment there I thought we had a new global threat to deal with, along with the old favorites like climate change, nuclear weapons and pandemics. This would have been welcome from a …

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NASA asteroid tracker: 1,500FT asteroid with a 60,000MPH TOMORROW earth | Science | News

The asteroid, dubbed by NASA Asteroid 1999 VF22, will shoot tomorrow on a so-called "Earth Close Approach". NASA's asteroid tracker has reduced the passage down to the afternoon on Wednesday, February 20. Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) expect the Asteroid VF22 to approach Earth around 3.57 GMT (UTC). When this happens, the space bar will move through space …

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