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Mars soil samples and a panini press for weed

NASA's new climate science satellites switch on their lasers NASA's new climate monitoring satellites are almost ready to keep an eye on our planet's ice sheets, atmosphere and ocean levels. On June 13th, the twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites switched on their lasers in search of one another for the first time. That the satellites' lasers …

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Is your sunscreen damaging coral reef?

(CNN) – It's in the middle of summer, and countless families take advantage of free time and hot weather to get out on vacation. Hawaii is a popular destination, with nearly 800,000 visitors in May alone, according to government tourism data. The state recently banned two sunscreens as researchers have proven to be harmful to coral reefs. Here's what it …

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Travel Australia: Visit Cairns – Live Trading News

Travel Australia: Visit Cairns Get your foodie fix Cairns has a flowering cafe scene with many trendy cafes. Buy a to get an eagle overview of the Great Barrier Reef. Dotted along the Grafton and Spence streets. Start the day with breakfast at, a laneway cafe that dishes dishes like chili eggs and French toast , with cold beverage coffee …

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People could have colonized Mars decades ago – astronaut Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is widely known for his space travel. Hadfield, between 1995 and 2013, flew inside 2 spacecraft of NASA as well as a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. He aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for almost one hundred sixty-five days. Since then, he resigned as a spaceman, but last time he spoke about space missions. Hadfield said in a statement: …

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Mars opposition gives spectacular views of the red planet space

Mars Opposition. Photo: NASA <! – Mars Opposition. Photo: NASA -> This month, stargazers will get a perceptual view of the planet Mars. Like all planets, Earth and Mars surround the sun but they do it at different speeds. The earth circles about twice as fast as Mars, every two years or so they meet each other. Mars opposition happens …

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Researchers are stunned by the discovery of the solar system

In a remarkable new study, researchers have found that bacteria can survive even under the harsh conditions of outer space, which indicates that they are much more resilient than the scientists realized. It is a result that can have enormous consequences in our quest for life outside of the earth and in our solar system, as it shows that life …

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