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Dear NASA, put a particle collider on the moon

NASA’s current mission, to boldly go where no PR campaign has been commissioned by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, is noble. Donald Trump wants American boots on Mars. And given the bipartisan popularity of the idea, who ends up president when the smoke is cleared in November is likely to continue the effort. But what if instead of spending trillions fighting mammals …

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Watch Rocket Lab’s 12th launch “Don’t Stop Me Now” launches tonight – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab’s the delayed 12th launch is scheduled to take place late tonight in the Pacific, mid-afternoon on the 11th at the company’s new zealand launch facility. The electron rocket will take payload to orbit from NASA, the National Reconnaissance Office and the University of New South Wales. “Don’t Stop Me Now”, named after the favorite Queen song to board …

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Architects are planning a march for the desert outside of Dubai

Written by Poppy Koronka, CNN Dubai is a city where firefighters use jet packs, archipelagos are built from the ground up and buildings climb into the clouds; a beautiful metropolis in the middle of a huge red desert. The first time visitors would be forgiven for thinking they had stumbled upon a movie set for a sci-fi movie. Now Dubai …

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Fast radio bursts with a repeating pattern that is detected from space

The unexplained signals are believed to come from a distant galaxy, and their repeating patterns make them important to scientists. WASHINGTON – Radio signals from outer space are not entirely new. Scientists believe that occasional cataclysmic events are where many radio frequencies from space originate. What makes the recent repeated rapid radio shortage, or FRB, so significant is that it …

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Astronomers discover the star and the planet similar to the sun and the earth

Scientists have found a potentially inhabiting exoplanet and its star that resemble Earth and our Sun than any other known planetary star couple. The planet – which is still considered a planetary candidate until further confirmation – is the right distance from its star to allow the presence of liquid surface water. This means that it could potentially be host …

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Saturn’s largest moon drives into space 100 times faster than scientists previously thought

Titan, SaturnAstronomers’ biggest moon is distancing itself from its planet at a rapid rate, astronomers announced this week. The moon drives away in space much faster than previously predicted, the researchers said, and possibly changed their understanding of our solar system. Titan, which scientists believe can support life, moves about 100 times faster than scientists previously thought, according to a …

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