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'Earth-like' water has been spotted inside the 'Christmas comet'

'A fixed reservoir or Earth-like water' was found inside the 'Christmas comet' as it fits past Earth last year and may explain the origins of our planet's oceans, NASA says The measurements were taken by SOFIA the 'flying' observatory at high altitude It found some comets had the same ratio of 'regular' and 'heavy' water as Earth Suggesting that comets …

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What caused the fireballs that illuminated the sky over Australia?

One of the fire balls (marked by the red circle) trapped over the northern territory. Credit: NT Emergency Services Over the past few days, a few spectacular fireballs have adorned Australia's sky. The first, at the beginning of Monday, May 20, blinked over the Northern Territory, and is seen from both Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, more than 500km apart. …

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Engineers create a strong and sustainable solution for passive cooling

Researchers show the test unit to assess the heat transfer capability of the cooling tree. Credit: University of Maryland What happens if the wood your house was made of can save your electricity bill? In the race to save energy, using a passive cooling method that requires no electricity and is built directly into your house, you can save some …

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New AI can create fake videos of people from a single image

Samsung researchers improve AI modeling to quickly create realistic (but false) videos. The model uses "single-shot learning" to create video clips from a single image. The application of technology can be in telepresence, video conferencing and gaming. An AI can now take a single picture of a person's face and animate it convincingly. This can lead to animation of paintings …

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NASA exec ends weeks after he has chosen to lead the 2024 lunar plan

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. – A top NASA manager who was hired in April to steer the strategy for returning astronauts to the moon in 2024, said the space agency on Thursday, the culmination of internal strife and diminishing congressional support for the moon initiative Mark Sirangelo, named six weeks ago as Special Assistant to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, left the …

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