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Ultima Thule, Here we come

Whatever you do for your New Year's party, it will not be as cool as New Horizons. On New Year's Day, the space probe precisely seeks near an object in the Kuiper belt named 2014 MU69 – the nickname Ultima Thule. This will make Ultima Thule the longest solar system object to be visited by a spacecraft (Voyager probe's final …

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Does pure capsaicin reject mice and rats? / Boing Boing

Shawn Woods has tried various home remedies to inhibit rodents. For a while, he grew a few hot peppers with a scoville rating of 2 million (a scoville is the smallest detectable amount of capsaicin, the things that make paprika hot). He mixed his paprika with grain to see if it would dislodge rats and mice, but it did not …

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SpaceX, Blue Origin-delay high-profile rocket launches

Bad weather and last minute technical night triggered launch delays for three high-profile rockets on Tuesday, including an attempt by SpaceX to launch a next-generation navigation satellite and another of Blue Origin to send their new Shepard space ship on a sub-orbit flight with 10 NASA-sponsored experiments. In addition, Arianespace, the European consortium marketing French-built Ariane and Russian-built Soyuz boosters, …

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Researchers unlock the mystery of a dragonfly migration

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Thanks to photos and movies with clouds of amazing orange and black monarch butterflies flying across North America, many people today know how monarchs migrate. However, the migration patterns of other insects are more mysterious, both for the public and for the researchers. A new paper in Biology Letters describes for a first time a slender's …

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