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The space probe will search for Venus for life in Fortuitous Flyby

This site can earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms. It’s a sweet storybook that transcends culture: She’s a toxic hell with a surface temperature that can melt lead. He is a semi-European, semi-Japanese satellite on his way to somewhere else entirely. Despite the promises he has made, despite his previous feelings, that “somewhere else” suddenly feels …

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The Space Force and NASA are currently signing a cooperation agreement

The US space agency announced that an agreement between it and NASA to “broaden cooperation” had been signed by both heads of the organization at a virtual Mitchell Institute event on Tuesday. These areas of broad cooperation, mentioned in Tuesday morning’s press release from the USSF, include: “human spaceflight, US space policy, space transportation, standards and best practices for safe …

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A rare “blue moon” illuminates the Halloween night sky

Between once in a lifetime comet and an almost miss with an extremely close asteroid2020 has been a strange year for outer space. This October is no exception, giving a rare blue moon just in time for Halloween. Because some trick-or-treaters stay indoors due to coronavirus security vulnerabilities, October will not contain one but two full moons – a phenomenon …

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Thin and ultra-fast photodetector sees the entire spectrum

The artist’s impression of the photodetector device created by researchers from RMIT University. Author: Ella Marushchenko Researchers have developed the world’s first photodetector that can see all shades of light, in a prototype unit that radically shrinks one of the most basic elements of modern technology. Photodetectors work by converting information transported by light into an electrical signal and used …

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NASA: ‘Unknown’ space debris almost hit the International Space Station

NASA says that “an unknown piece of space debris” flew uncomfortably near the International Space Station on Tuesday. Debris, which was predicted to zip past the ISS at 18:21 ET, would have arrived within 1.39 kilometers of the station. However, mission inspectors fired the engine of an attached Russian spaceship to move the circuit laboratory out of the way. The …

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Blue Origin is considering starting a commercial space station operation

WASHINGTON – Commercial space carrier Blue Origin is considering developing commercial space stations, with NASA as a potential early customer. Blue Origin published a job that opened on September 18 for the “Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead” at its headquarters in the Seattle suburb of Kent, Washington. That individual will be prosecuted for leading the company’s development of commercial space stations …

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