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E. coli outbreaks expand, still identified

"We expect more disease reports, as there is a two week delay between when a person becomes ill and when they are confirmed to be part of an outbreak," said Matthew Wise, Deputy Head of Outbreak at the CDC Division of Food Baskets , waterborne and environmental diseases. Forty-five of the sick individuals have been hospitalized, a higher rate than …

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E. coli eruptions associated with romaine lettuce are greatest since 2006

NEW YORK – The current E. coli eruption linked to romaine lettuce is the worst number of outbreaks for more than a decade, according to health officials. The disease prevention and prevention center announced Friday that the food poisoning outbreak has spread to three more states. Health warriors said they now have reports of 98 cases in 22 states, with …

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Drug Take-Back Day is April 28th: ​​Find places in Saint Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO – You know all the old, almost empty prescription bottles that you definitely want to get out of the way but do not have forever? No judges. We understand: You've only been smart enough not to throw them away with your usual junk, and you will not have that excuse on Saturday, April 28th. In St. Louis, …

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Early breast cancer can be detected by breathing, urine test

New utilization of breathing and urine tests can be an early stage of breast cancer – the most common diagnosis of cancer among women in the world. Breast cancer biomarkers were discovered exactly in a new study by Ben Gurion University researchers using two gas gas sensors in respiratory and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) – a method of testing …

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Jack Nicklaus Secret Stem Cell Therapy: "I did not keep private; nobody asked me about it; | Health, medicine and fitness

On February 22, 2016 in Jupiter, Florida, Jack Nicklaus hit out on his famous fundraiser, The Jake, to promote children's health. While he wowed the audience, as Golden Bear has done for five decades, none of the fans knew that only four days earlier Nicklaus had undergone experimental stem cell therapy in Munich, Germany. Too much of his professional golf …

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Bill Gates wants to make a universal influenza vaccine

Bill Gates likes himself as an optimist. Global health, he feels, is on an upward path. Child death is killing. Polio is heading for extinction. But if there is a question that punctures his positivity, it is possible that the world will face a serious pandemic – and the near assurance that we are not prepared for it. "This is …

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