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1 new coronavirus-related death reported in Maine; 46 new cases

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Sunday a new coronavirus-related death and 46 new cases. The total number of COVID-19 entertainers who have died is 99. The additional death report reported on Sunday is a woman in the 1980s from Cumberland County. The 46 new cases bring the total number of cases in Maine to 2,570. …

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Professor says that only 10% of people with coronavirus develop antibodies

Only 10 percent of people infected with coronavirus develop antibodies, says a professor. Professor Karol Sikora, an advisor to the World Health Organization, said that the majority would have a negative result on an antibody test, even if they had the corona virus. Governments have stuck to their hopes of antibody testing to understand how much of the population has …

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George Floyd protests Add new frontline for Coronavirus doctors

Outside medical centers across the country, doctors and other healthcare workers have stopped working for the last few days for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to attend the protest of George Floyd’s death, as determined by a Minneapolis police officer for the amount of time before his death. For physicians in New York who have been struggling to meet the …

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Trauma treatment for childhood requires understanding of brain toxicity

If you are familiar with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Kaiser Permanente study from the 1990s, you know that factors such as divorce, domestic violence, or having an imprisoned parent are called negative childhood experiences (ACEs). Four or more ACEs can lead to chronic health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. In the long run, booking with ACE …

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These deadly bacteria use a regular sugar to spread through the body

Click here to read the full original article. Although bacteria are unicellular and microscopically small, they still need energy to survive, just like us. One of the most efficient ways to get energy into bacteria is through sweet, soluble carbohydrates: sugar. In fact, the deadly bacteria are important Streptococcus pneumoniae using the plant-derived sugar riffinos can explain how it spreads …

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Japan’s Coronavirus numbers are low. Are masks the cause?

TOKYO – When the coronavirus arrived in Japan, people did what they normally do: They put on masks. Face coat is nothing new here. During seasons of flu and hay fever, trains are crowded with commuters half hidden behind white surgical masks. Employees with colds, worried about the stigma of missing work, throw one and a soldier in the office. …

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