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Family Of Five Busted Running Heroin Ring

A family of five faces several federal drug issues to claim to drive a heroin and fentanyl distribution ring linked to multiple fatal overdose. The 15th accusation accuses the twin brothers Brad Reed and Greg Reed, 26, Richard Ruby, 31 cousins, and Justin McBride, 26, and McBride's wife Antoinette, 29, on the trade in and management of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine …

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Minnesota center for battered, neglected children to expand

A Minneapolis center serving abused and neglected children is expanding to meet the growing need for services driven by opioid epidemics and increased recognition of addiction. CornerHouse will add space in Rogers, Minnesota Public Radio reported. CornerHouse is located in southern Minneapolis, but center officials say that children's needs extend beyond the city. Rogers still needs to withdraw money to …

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Allina Health Everyday Online Visit Now Available to All | Business

Allina Health's new online online care platform Everyday Online is now available to all, not just established Allina Health patients. This new platform, Allina Health Everyday Online, continues to provide diagnostics and treatment from trusted, certified Allina Health providers for a variety of everyday conditions, such as sinus infections and pink eyes, but eliminates obstacles that previously prevented widespread use …

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G2 Quiescent Brain Stem cells have high regenerative potential

A new type of stem cells in the brain has been identified by researchers at the Wellcome Trust / Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, which they say have high potential for post-brain injury or disease repair. Ph.D. student Leo Otsuki and his supervisor Professor Andrea Brand report the discovery in the brain of a new type of dormant stem cells …

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Moderation to food and nutrition is the key, not frightening

If you believe everything you read in the newspapers, you would never leave the house, writes Peterborough Kock Lee Clarke. The media seem to be enjoying publishing tales of gloom and doom, whether it's the steady rise of knife breaks, increased burglaries, alarming shooting wars and, of course, not only big cities, but small cities across Europe have become the …

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