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Report: Opio usage decreases locally, but other areas do better

DeShazer – A new report suggests that opioid abuse has dropped faster regional than it has across the country, but the other areas in Pennsylvania make it better. – Times Leader File A new report from Blue Cross / Blue Shield suggests that opioid abuse has fallen faster than it has across the country, but the other areas in Pennsylvania …

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Freshly imported crab clad rinses for most Vibrio eruptions

Fresh crab meat, still surprisingly exported from Venezuela's failed socialist state, has suffered 12 people in three states and the District of Columbia with Vibrio parahaemolyticus infections. Four of the sick have demanded hospitalization. The reason why the export of fresh crab meat is at least somewhat surprising is that most Venezuelan fishermen report that they survive only because a …

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500 Tennessee zipline visitors get sick

An investigation continues in what has caused hundreds of visitors to a Tennessee zip line target to suddenly develop gastrointestinal diseases. More than 500 people have reported symptoms including stomach ache, nausea and vomiting after visiting the CLIMB Works Zipline Canopy Tour in Gatlinburg. The Tennessee Department of Health announced on Thursday that officials continue to look for the cause …

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Virginia teenager suffers third degree burns from Giant Hogweed Plant

Please enable JavaScript to view this video RICHMOND, Va. – Doctors have emptied a Virginia teenager who got burns from an invasive Giant Hogweed plant. Alex Childress worked a landscaping that cleaned the vegetation near Spotsylvania on Tuesday when he felt intense burns that were originally believed to be caused by tanning. Childress father Justin said that the latter discovered …

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Ticks that carry Lyme disease spread rapidly

Do you think you live in a place that is free of disease-bearing ticks? Do not be so sure. National researchers found ticks that could transmit Lyme disease and other attached diseases in dozens of places across the United States where pests had never previously been recorded, a new study. Everyone told us that disease-bearing ticks were discovered in 83 …

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Autopsy finds local police deaths that were killed by a Fentanyl overdose

5:30 PM 07/14/2018 Steve Birr | Share Share on Facebook The police chief was the result of an overdose of fentanyl, an autopsy report released Friday by a local decision maker. Authorities in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, found Kirkesville police chief James Hughes Jr. died in the bathroom in her home on May 25 with a plastic bag containing cocaine rest and …

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