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Senators, the Diabetes Association require pricing of transparency, solutions such as insulin pricing

May 10, 2018 A new American Diabetes Association White Paper that addresses the high price of insulin recommends that healthcare providers can help minimize patient costs at no cost. "Insider Data and Affordability Working Group: Conclusions and Recommendations" was published online in Diabetes Care on Tuesday, coinciding with a hearing about the rising costs of insulin held by the US …

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30 California County Scissors for Opioid Crisis

MARYSVILLE, CA (KCRA) – Thirty California counties filed proceedings this week against major doctors and distributors, claiming they are responsible for opioid epidemics. According to the CDC, 4 644 californians were killed from opioid overdoses in 2016. In 2015, doctors wrote more than 24 million opioid prescriptions for California. Sacramento County had the highest number of recipes of 1.2 million. …

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Romaine outbreak now exceeds footprint of 2006 spinach outbreak

To view a larger version of this map, click on the image. On Wednesday, the footprint of the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak became more extensive than the historic and deadly 2006 fresh spinach outbreak. I den 9 maj opdatering, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, added four states and 28 confirmed cases of E. coli O157: H7 …

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Why are stigma around male baldness?

captions Actor James Nesbitt credited his hair transplant to increase his acting career Researchers say that a drug normally prescribed for osteoporosis can lead to a new treatment for hair loss. But why is stigmatization about male baldness? And why are you trying to "cure" it anyway? Whether it's actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham or business titans …

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Missouri health officials refuse suicide killings

Missouri health officials have refused to follow a watchman for information about a fast-paced virus that killed a state worker. The judgment today is the latest of several attempts by state legislators to force the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to disclose information about the Bourbon virus, a discovery discovered in Kansas in 2014. The virus's symptoms include …

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This is what excessive drinking really makes for your liver

Between headache, dehydration and next live (hang) anxiety, it's no secret that a big night of spirits can cause chaos on your body. But when it happens right, the damage can be much more serious. Especially when it comes to a body in particular. In an episode of the American TV series Dr Drew: Life Changers, the host warned of …

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