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'The Crown' conducts a peaceful castle coup

Salisbury, ENGLAND – The Corgians just would not behave. In the meanwhile, they ran off and caused general cheerfulness. "Sit, sit!" Olivia Colman shouted. "Strong voice!" Got the dog handler to stop nearby. "Yes, then you," Colman said loosely, in his best Queen Elizabeth accent. She frowned uncomfortably at the stray dogs. "SIT!" They sat. It was a chilly November …

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The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review

This review includes spoilers for The Mandalorian section 2, "The Child." To find out when The Mandalorian episode 3 comes out, check out our release schedule and if you're confused about The Mandalorian & # 39; s timeline, here's when it takes place in the Star Wars canon. It was hard to predict what kind of show The Mandalorian would …

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Fortnite & # 39; s got itself a Star Wars crossover event

(Image credit: Epic Games) Ladies and gentlemen, toydarians and tauntauns, we have had a Fortnite / Star Wars crossover event. Epic announced a crossover with a new video showing an original trilogy Stormtrooper skin you can chin. Do Stormtroopers have better goals than Fortnite bots? Only one way to find out. You can buy the leather in the regular article …

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The kid at Disney Plus

The first section of The Mandalorian was excellent . B out there was also what we all expected: a scientific Westerner focusing on a lone gunman who chased and captured wanted criminals. However, everything changed in the section's closing moments. A and now with the second episode we have an idea of ​​what The Mandalorian will be. Episode Two of …

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Has Mo & # 39; Nique been blackballed since her Oscar win?

Hollywood, despite the image it likes to project of progressivism, has been a battleground for racism and sexism since its inception. Today, Mo'Nique is back in the headlines after her trial against Netflix for wage discrimination. However, this is not the first time Mo'Nique is making waves. It seems, in fact, that Mo'Nique was effectively black-balled after her appearance Precious …

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