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"Sicario: Soldier's Day"

Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro reflect their roles in this action-packed follow-up of the 2015 Card Cartoon Card. Although this sequel to the Death Cardboard Drama Sicario Sicario has lost four of the original key advertisers – Director Denis Villeneuve, Emily Blunt, Roger Deakins and Late Composer Johann Johannson – Sicario: The sold day appears as a dynamic drama …

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Josh Brolin says "Nobody declares" 2004 Domestic Abuse Arrest

After years of relative silence, Josh Brolin finally talks about his arrest in 2004 for domestic violence. "God, I've never been so careful about my words. Ever. Maybe in all 50 years" he told The New York Times about the event. "And there's no reason for me to be different than there's nothing that explains. Do you know what I …

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The Day of the Soldier "- Variety

At first there were drugs. "Sicario" captured the threat that few movies have, showing the brutality that cartels control the flow of illegal substances across the US-Mexico border, and conceals an unclear response from a shady group of American forces that are as corrupt as criminals as they try to extinguish . Now the cartels deal with human traffic and …

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Pete Davidson confirms engagement with Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson finally confirmed that he is engaged to Ariana Grande! On Wednesday Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Saturday Night Live Star 24 took care of his fiancé to Robert Pattinson and late night hosted by Jimmy Fallon. "I feel like I won a race, so sick," Davidson said in a nice look. "It's bright, Jimmy. It's so enlightened." "It's …

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Will "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" work like a new movie?

The teen mutants can provide alternative to typical superhero rights if treated with restraint. Let the chanting of "go ninja go" begin, because his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to the big screen. The reboot will once again see Michael Bay take the role of producer along with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller through their company Platinum Dunes. Although Bay …

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MoviePass sweeps back on AMC subscription plan

The ongoing sweep between AMC Theaters and the MoviePass subscription service took another turn Wednesday, when AMC announced its competing drawing plan for its theaters at $ 19.95 / month. What did MoviePass have to say about it? "Heard AMC Theaters jumped on the movie subscription, says the startup company on their Twitter account." Twice the price for the 1/4 …

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