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Movie review of “Capone”: Tom Hardy puts on his surface

More than a dozen actors have handled the role of notorious Alsteres ban gangster Al Capone, from Neville Brand in The untouchables TV show (1959-1963) for Robert De Niro in the 1987 movie version of the series. But no one has ever played the Chicago mob boss, a. Scarface and Public Enemy No. 1, with the rather imposing power of …

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More “Tiger King” Comes to Netflix (Exclusive)

The filmmakers are investigating the 2003 abuse that ended the Siegfried & Roy show. The filmmakers behind Tiger King works with more true life tax content for Netflix. What can come and how they go about it sheds new light on the controversial hit. The documentation, which debuted March 20, was the first pop culture phenomenon of the pandemic, a …

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Experts mull ‘blow’ for her case

Maybe it was some consolation for Lori Loughlin to get a Mother’s Day tribute from her daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli. In an Instagram post, Olivia Jade shared to her 1.3 million followers, the advocate social media influencer said she was proud to call the former “Full House” actress her mom. Two days earlier, Loughlin probably didn’t feel too loud. She, …

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Brawl Erupts at L.A. Aim for the refusal to wear masks

Play video content Breaking News FOX LA Two men who refuse to wear masks inside a Target are now arrested after triggering a crazy brawl captured on video. The event went down May 1, but the video – first obtained by FOX11 – is only on the surface … shows 2 men who were apparently transients who entered a target …

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