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Microsoft wants to regulate facial recognition technology to limit "abuse"

Microsoft has helped invent face recognition programs. Now, it calls on the US government to adopt legislation to control the use of technology. In a blog post, Microsoft ( MSFT ) President Brad Smith said new laws are necessary in view of the technology's "broad societal changes and potential for abuse". He called on legislators to form "a government initiative …

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McDonalds dragons salads from some restaurants in the midst of the parasite outbreak

McDonalds has stopped serving salads of 3,000 restaurants in 14 states that follow reports that connect the disk to an outbreak of intestinal parasites. Cases of cyclosporiasis, a bowel disease caused by single-cell parasite, have risen in recent weeks, and some cases have been linked to McDonald's salads by state departments for public health in Illinois and Iowa. According to …

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McDonald's salads can be behind a cyclosporiasis outbreak

McDonald's salads can be blamed for a parasitic outbreak that has more than 100 people in Illinois and Iowa, according to public health professionals. Since mid-May, Illinois has seen more than 100 cases of cyclosporias, a bowel disease caused by the parasitic cyclosporan, according to a statement from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Iowa experiences a similar outbreak, according …

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WeWork prohibits meat for employees who cost meals at corporate events

WeWorks Meatpacking District Office in Manhattan. (Photo: WeWork) If WeWork employees want a burger while on a business trip, the money will pay off their own pockets. The global workplace startup told employees this week that the company will ban employees from paying meals containing red meat, pork or poultry Bloomberg reported. The company will not give meat to events …

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Elon Musk "can keep its submarine where it hurts", says diver

A British diver involved in saving a Thai boy's football team from a submerged cave has a low opinion about Tesla CEO Elon Musk's very public offer for help telling CNN that Musk can "keep its submarine where it hurts" . Musique's proposal to save the team with a small submarine "just had absolutely no chance of working," said diver …

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WeWork takes meat off the menu at company events

by Associated Press July 14 at 11:43 AM NEW YORK – Office space sharing company WeWork says it's no longer serving red or white meat at company events. In an email sent to employees Thursday, company co-founder and chief creative officer Miguel McKelvey said the company will not serve pork, poultry or red meat, and it will not allow employees …

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