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Some things sold, customers disappointed

CLOSE Vineyard Vines for Target Collection is here! Here's what you want if you wake up late. Nathan Rousseau Smith explains. Buzz60 Some Target shoppers did not have a whale once trying to shop the retailer's latest designer collaboration Saturday. Summer-inspired Vineyard Vines for the Target Collection went online for sale around 3am EDT Saturday, with selected items being sold …

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McDonald ordered to stop selling milkshakes near a Nigel Farage Rally. Here's why.

It is obvious that milkshakes are a popular object for violent political protesters in Scotland to throw to right-wing politicians they disagree with. According to CNN International, the police have ordered a McDonalds in Scotland to stop selling milkshakes while Brexit champion Nigel Farage campaigns nearby. "Police ordered a McDonald's in Scotland to stop selling milkshakes over fear people would …

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Bitcoin is Front Running Stock to Flow Price Model at $ 7300

Despite dropping at about $ 1,000, Bitcoin is still way ahead of even some of the most optimistic price projections and detailed price forecast models. Here is a look at how Friday's flash crash has not been in the long term. Current Bitcoin Price Lead Leads $ 1 Million S2F Model Tweeting on Saturday (May 18, 2019) Bitcoin Analyst "PlanB" …

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Global oil prevention problems arise over the Middle East tensions

While global oil markets are accustomed to factoring of geopolitical uncertainty against oil prices, this type of geopolitical fallout has not been experienced for a few years. The world's largest oil exporter, still with OPEC + partners, plays the role of global producer of oil markets, sees an escalation of attacks on its oil export infrastructure and freight. Saudi Arabia …

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Elon Musk Says Tesla Needs Financial Micromanagement or It Will Go Broke

Image: AP Images If you look at the news coming out of Tesla over the last year or so, it's obvious that the company is desperately trying to find ways to reduce operating costs. Whether it's at closing down dealerships, publicly dismissing LIDAR because it's too expensive, allegedly attempting to block worker's cases, or laying off 9% of its workforce …

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