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Cat lovers with allergies may soon receive a vaccine

Cat allergy did you get into mew-sery? This news can change your life ever.

A team of researchers from the Swiss company HypoPet AG has developed a vaccine to fight the cat-produced protein Fel d 1, to which 10% of people are allergic, according to their press release.

After analysis of data from four separate studies with a total of 54 kittens, antidote, called HypoCat, has already shown its success.

"Our HypoCat vaccine can produce high antibodies in cats," writes Gary Jennings, CEO of HypoPet AG, in the statement. "These antibodies can bind and neutralize the Error d 1 allergen produced by the animals."

Researchers say they "continue with registration studies and discussions with European and American regulators" to put the drug on the market, which would certainly change lives.

The vaccine would help those with cat allergies to avoid typical reactions such as rashes, nasal congestion and irritated eyes, while also lowering the risk of exacerbating asthma or developing chronic respiratory problems.

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