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Cardinal’s coach Kliff Kingsbury admits his iconic draft photo was staged

Chase Young has not yet played a single snap in the NFL, but is he already on track to have a bust in Canton along the line?

As crazy as it may sound, that’s exactly what ESPN’s Bill Barnwell thinks of Young’s career. When projecting future Hall of Fame members on the current NFL team, with four categories – Lock, Likely, While Driving and Work to Do – Barnwell included three Washington Football Team players. Adrian Peterson was a lock of 100 percent, which is no surprise. Safety Landon Collins was also mentioned as a “work to do” candidate based on his three Pro Bowls and stellar 2016 seasons.

While Collins may be a somewhat surprising name to look at on the list, it is Young, the third player in the group, who stands out simply because his NFL career has nothing to do at this point. For Barnwell, however, Young̵

7;s becoming No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft is enough accreditation to throw him into consideration.

Barnwell stated that five of the last 40 defensive players selected with that choice are now Hall of Famers. Based on mathematics alone, Young has a 12.5 percent chance of being a part of football immortality. Barnwell also noted that he expects the number to increase when Julius Peppers and Von Miller become eligible.


Although Barnwell does not touch on any other factors that could help Young get to Canton, there is more to his potential than his draft status. The defensive end puts up numbers in college that very few others have, and his combination of size, strength, speed and technique make him an offensive lineman’s worst nightmare. Also, if the off-season is any indication of his work ethic, the many crazy workouts aren’t going anywhere.

Predicting someone to join the Hall of Fame before he even puts on the full pillows and helmet is quite clear, but Barnwell’s opinion is not * too * far removed from the hype others have put on Young. Coaches, teammates, experts and even LeBron James have all stated how they expect great things from the novice NFL career.

Carrying the franchise’s hopes and now the prognosis for being a Hall of Famer is very important on one’s shoulders. But, if anyone can do it, it’s probably the guy who was seen benching so much weight that it looked photographed.


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