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Captain Marvel after-credit scenes, explained

Captain Marvel is a great addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies, with great performances, great action and one of the best stories of any MCU movie so far. As expected, it also had two scenarios after credit. The first one will probably make you even more excited about Avengers: Endgame than you already are, and the other is more a humorous bookend to the movie.

Absolutely stay for the first. The other is up to you. I will say this: the other is much better than the other post-credit scene in Ant-Man and Wasp .

And now, a great Quadjet-size spoiler warning if you'd rather go into the movie (and maybe Avengers: Endgame?) Cold.


Composed by Aaron Robinson

Scene 1: Carol Danvers, let me introduce you to …

The scene begins with a proximity of Fury's pager from the end of Avengers: Infinity War . It still peeps and Captain Marvel's symbol is still on the screen. Suddenly, the pager screen turns black.

We then cut to Steve Rogers and Black Widow looking over some holographic images, still getting data on how many people are dead after Thanos snap .

Rhodey then enters the room and tells that the pager no longer sends a signal. We see Bruce Banner, who says which signal it finally sent out.


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Captain Marvel: What you need to know


"I thought we went through the battery," Cap says. Answer Rhodey, "Yes, we did. It's still connected, just quit." Cap tells them to restart it and send the signal again. Black Widow says the message was obviously important for the rage and to tell her the other that they are causing the pager to work again. "I want to know who is at the end of that thing," she says.

Black Widow then turns to leave, and standing right in front of her is Captain Marvel looking pissed. After a blow, she asks, "Where's Fury?" The scene ends.

What that means

It seems that Captain Marvel was really at the other end of the pager that everyone had adopted at the end of the Infinity War. It also seems that Carol survived the trap. In one of the last Captain Marvel scenes, Carol Fury gives an upgraded version of his pager and tells him to use it if he ever needs her to come back.

So is this a real scene from Avengers: Endgame a heavily edited version of a scene, or something played exclusively for the Captain Marvel post-credits scene? It's hard to say, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not exactly how Carol's arrival on Earth plays out in Avengers: Endgame. Still, it was amazing.

  Captain Marvel TV Spot Thumb

Carol takes her hero shot.


Scene 2: Cute and somewhat disgusting

We start the scene with a close progress by Nick Fury's desk from 1995. The nameplate simply says "Fury" on the front. His office seems to be completely vacant. The camera slowly zooms in, and the Goose cat enters the frame.

As all cats do, especially mine – very recently, annoying – he begins to read a hairball. After a few seconds of heaving, he coughs up Tesseract on the Fury desk. After a stroke, the movie ends.

What that means

In the movie, the Goose cat is revealed to be a Multicolor. It is a strange species that looks like a cat but can devour things with large tentacles that come out of the mouth.

During the movie, Goose Tesseract cools to keep it away from Star Force – Kree's Seal Team 6, led by Jude Law's Yon-Rogg, which Carol is a member of at the beginning of the movie. If only they all knew what it really was …

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