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Bronte Pastoral Museum arrives to bring Charlotte & # 39; little book & # 39; Home

  Charlotte Bronte little book

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The book by Charlotte Bronte is expected to fetch around 650,000 pounds at auction

The Bronte Society hopes to return a rare early book written by one of the famous literary sisters to Britain when auctioned in Paris later.

The work is one of six "little books" written by Charlotte, the eldest of the three sisters, in 1

830, when she was 14 years old.

The community, which runs the parsonage museum in their old home in Haworth, West Yorkshire, has sought to raise the estimated £ 650,000 it needs.

The miniature work has been in private hands since Bronte's death.

The little book, which contains three handwritten stories, is one of six written by Charlotte, with five known to survive. Bronte Pastority Museum already has the other four.

Called The Young Men's Magazine, the works were created for Charlotte's toy soldiers and document an imaginary world created by the family called Glass Town.

Charlotte is best known for her classic novel Jane Eyre from 1847.

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Dame Judi Dench led a campaign to raise money to secure the book for the Bronte Pastor Museum

The existence of the book for sale – measuring 35 mm x 61 mm and consisting of 20 pages – appeared in 2011 when it was auctioned at Sotheby's.

The Bronte community was surpassed by a discredited investment system that is no longer operational.

Kitty Wright of the Bronte Society said: "This extraordinary manuscript went through our fingers in 2011 so we are especially determined to take advantage of the second opportunity to take it home to Haworth."

Rebecca Yorke, also from the community, said that more than 900 people had promised money to buy the book.

"They have also expressed how strongly they feel this remains in Haworth, where it can be enjoyed by visitors and explored by researchers and academics," she told BBC Radio 4's Today program.

Several celebrities, including Dame Judi Dench, Dame Jacqueline Wilson and Tracy Chevalier, have supported the community's efforts to raise money.

"A Magical Doorway"

York-born Dame Judi, president of the Bronte Society, said earlier this year: "I have long been fascinated by the little books that Brontes created when they were children.

"These little manuscripts are like a magical doorway to the imaginary worlds they inhabited and also indicate their ambition to become published writers." [19659013] Copyright Copyright


Charlotte Bronte captured by artist George Richmond

The Paris Auction House directory said: "This is a unique opportunity to acquire such a precious autograph piece from the origin of this brilliant author, as well as a look at the children's play and the imaginary world of" Glass Town "by the Bronte children." 19659007] Part of Young Men's Magazine describes a killer who was driven to madness by being haunted by his victims, and how "a huge fire" burning in his head causes his bed curtains to light.

Experts at the museum say that this section of the story is "a clear precursor" of a famous scene between Bertha and Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre, which Charlotte would publish 17 years later.

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