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Camera Comparison: Google Pixel 4XL vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max

Google last week announced its latest flagship smartphones, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL, both of which are slated to compete with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple's latest devices launched in September.

In our latest YouTube video, we practically went with a Pixel 4XL and an iPhone 11 Pro Max to compare the cameras in the two devices to see how they measure against each other.

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Both Pixel 4XL and ‌iPhone 1
1 Pro‌ have impressive cameras, and when it comes to standard images taken with the reverse image, there is little difference in quality. Both smartphones produce some amazing images, although the iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ tends to create images with a cooler tone while the Pixel 4XL has a warmer overall tone.

Every smartphone performs well with highlights and shadows, but the Pixel 4XL has a feature to adjust these settings in real time while having to be processed by iPhone. The iPhone has an edge – a third ultra-angle camera lens. The Pixel 4XL is limited to two cameras, a standard wide angle and a telephoto lens, so it can't quite match the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro Max‌.

Google was groundbreaking Night Sight (the equivalent of iPhone's Night Mode) last year, and the feature continues to be impressive this year. Night Side and ‌Night Mode‌ are pretty similar, and it's hard to pick a clear winner for low-light photos. The iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ tends to produce photos that look a bit more natural, while the Pixel 4XL offers sharper, more vivid night shots that have sometimes blown out highlights.

When comparing portrait mode, the Pixel 4XL seems to produce sharper images and it has superior edge detection in most cases. It's imperfect and there are times when the iPhone wins, but in most of our test images, the Pixel 4XL does a better job with portrait-mode photos.

For the front-facing camera, the Pixel 4XL has a new wide-angle lens that can capture more around you, plus it offers some super-sharp photos, especially in portrait mode. There is an option for a wider field of view with the iPhone's camera as well, but the pictures from Pixel 4XL seem to be a bit better even if they have a warmer tone.

The Pixel 4XL has a Night Sight option for the front facing camera, giving it an edge over the front iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ camera forwards as it can take better selfies at low lighting conditions.

In terms of video, the iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ wins. Google seems to have focused more on photo quality than video quality, and both the front and rear facing cameras lack a bit. The Pixel 4XL supports 4K video but is maximized at 30 frames per second, while the 11iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ supports 60 frames per second. Both have solid stabilization features, but the 11iPhone 11 Pro‌ has a preferred color profile and appearance compared to the Pixel 4XL.

Overall, both of these smartphones have high quality cameras that can produce some impressive images, making it difficult to choose a clear winner. In general, preference will come to the platform's choices and small aesthetic differences between features such as color profile.

Which smartphone camera do you prefer? ‌ IPhone 11 Pro Max‌ or Pixel 4XL? Let us know in the comments.

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