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Cam Newton: I can do things for the Patriots that Tom Brady could not

Get excited for the Cam Newton Revenge Tour.

After spending almost the entire of last season sideways due to injury, the salivating 2015 NFL MVP salivated at the chance to replace longtime Patriots quarterback Tom Brady while demanding revenge on the team that rejected and “disrespected” him during free agency.

“We need to talk about the elephant in the room: You know who you’re after,” Newton said of his famous predecessor during a roundtable discussion on Odell Beckham’s YouTube channel. “I’m like ‘Yes, good. “What [Brady] where, what he is, is good. No need to even talk about it. But one thing with that: Coach [Josh] McDaniels, you can call some things you̵

7;ve never been able to call now.


“You get a dog. You also get one of these crossed dogs. And I’m looking at the schedule and I’m “Who are we playing? That team went on for me. Okay, that team went on for me. They could have come and taken me.”

Beckham and Newton were also joined by the Falcons, who drove back Todd Gurley II and retired Giants receiver Victor Cruz and discussed various topics, including the NFL’s restart plan, the Black Lives Matter movement and offseasons.

“I had to count the days how long I was unemployed,” Newton said between cigar puffs. “It was 86 nights – it’s almost three months – and I’m going through it and I’m like early on, people go and get signed and I’m looking at them and I’m, ‘You can not say I’m old to people older than me [are] gets signed. You can not say that it is about injury because people who were more injured than me are signed. You can not say the talent. ”

Newton, 31, has battled several injuries during his nine-year career, including a ankle injury sustained since college and repaired surgically in 2014, concussions, a broken rotator cuff on his throwing shoulder that required surgery twice and, most recently, a Lisfranc- fracture that he suffered during the third game of the 2019 season, the operation from which he is still recovering. He is expected to compete with 23-year-old colleague Auburn product Jarrett Stidham for the starting role.


“I’m the first person to say: For the past two years, I have not put on the best film on tape. It’s just honest, says the sick signal caller, who appeared in 14 games in 2018 and two games in 2019. “But there are others who put out a tty movie out there that is downloaded. I do not feel respected, because all the teams on one moment has to say, ‘OK fellas, Cam Newton, what do we think? Ehh, pass.’ And that’s the disrespect I feel. “

Newton’s health and inconsistency prompted the Panthers to go ahead and sign Teddy Bridgewater in March, and although he certainly has resentment against the team that passed over him during the free agency, it seems he has a particularly sore spot for the team that shook him in the first place.

“I feel entitled to a certain degree but I apply, I aim at the neck all year because at one point I felt and I still feel like a part of me is left because I gave an organization everything,” he added. . “What I gave, I do not think others were willing to give, and it was sometimes when I knew I would not play, but only by Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, DJ Moore, Christian McCaffrey, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Steve Smith – I could not give them up. “

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