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Call of Duty's ridiculous shotgun has nerfed

One of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 's funniest and most annoying weapon, the 725 shotgun that seemed to have unlimited range, has nerfed. Nerfen came as part of a balance sheet that developer Infinity Ward released on Friday morning. The patch also fixed several bugs in the game, adding to Hardpoint mode in multiplayer and giving players two free maps.

After the patch, the 725 shotgun will have a larger spread, both for hip fire and when directed downwards, and most importantly reduced damage. This would help stop its spread across multiple players and reduce the incidence of players who used it to get death from entire maps. Modern Warfare 's latest correction also significantly changes the recoil of the game. Being squatting or inclined is used to adjust the recoil that the players felt from the weapons, but that is no longer the case. Claymores have also been adjusted to have a narrower trigger and damage the power range.

This patch also adds Hardpoint mode to multiplayer. Hardpoint is a defense mode where both teams are tasked with trying to take over and control a specific location. As long as your team is in control and has members who are on the score, your team's score will increase. This enables a fast and chaotic location that has been a favorite of the Call of Duty community.

Players will also receive Modern Warfare the last two maps for free as part of this update. Krovnik Farmland map comes to the big team Ground War game mode while Shoot House will be added to the smaller multiplayer modes.

For a full look at all changes coming to Modern Warfare as part of this patch, see the full notes below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hardpoint patch notes


  • Backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability on all platforms, include dev errors and various performance fixes.
  • Fix for some bugs where some stripes and field upgrades could be flown off the border without penalty. General out of bound corrections were also added.
  • Fix for an error where a player killed by an enemy with a variable zoom scope would not see the zoom function in killcam
  • Fix for Semtex warning sound heard at the same volume either in a building or outside
  • In the head office Players place a Tac bet and respond when their team owned the score. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for various map collision problems
  • Added user interface that shows when XP events are active in playlists menus
  • Sprint and Tactical Sprint speeds are now back to speeds in Beta
  • Fix for an error where progress with The bomb blast can be seen by the team that planted the bomb
  • Fix for a bug that revealed players to the UAV when firing their weapons, even though they had Ghost and a muffler equipped
  • a problem where several personal radars were active in one team and both mark the same enemy, only one player would see the enemy at their minimum.

Riot Shield:

Fixed a problem where the throwing knife and Thermite did not cause the shield on the player's back when he was thrown. We have also fixed the problem where explosive splash damage did not work consistently. We will continue to set Riot Shield in future updates.


Detonation of an enemy mud with bullets is now non-lethal when in full health. We have also reduced the trigger and damage radius and also reduced the width of the damage to better match the trigger width.

Battle Chatter:

Removed the ability of enemies to hear when proclaimed by the opposing team. We also adjusted enemy calls so they never come from your carrier. Enemy calls now use a more limited cone in the hip and even more limited in ADS when calculating whether to trigger or not. We will continue to monitor this and make further adjustments to Battle Chatter in future updates.


Slight increase to recoil during mounting.


E.O.D. now squeezes damage to a non-lethal amount, provided the player is in health


Continued updates on the player's visibility in dark windows and dark areas.


We have increased the occlusion rate to filter footstep sounds behind geometry and adjusted the footstep volume at a distance. We have another major footstep change coming in the next update, which will make the crouch and ADS movement much quieter. Keep your Eyes open!

Challenges / Rank / Progression

Daily challenges and active assignments receive a complete sweep of tests and corrections. We will have more updates to these systems in future updates.

  • Fix for a bug where the infiltrator challenge was not properly tracked
  • Fix for launches that did not give XP when shooting down kill streaks
  • Fix for a bug where planting or defusing 5 bombs in Cyber ​​Attack or SnD was not properly tracked
  • The camo challenge for "Kills After a Reload" did not give the player enough time to get himself killed, so the time has been increased
  • Fix for an error where your XP requires to reach the next rank was higher than that value needed


  • 725 Shotgun: Increase to ADS and hip spread, reduced injury area
  • M4A1 assault rifle: Reduced injury area, small recoil increase [19659044] Attack rifle: Increased hip spread to reduce effectiveness at close range range for full auto 5.56 rifle
  • SMG: Increased movement speed, increased ADS movement speed, small reduction in sprint time
  • UZI SMG: Increased injury area [19659047] MG34 LMG: Increased hip spread, reduction in injury area, small ADS slower
  • M91 LMG: Increased hip spread, reduction in minor injury area
  • PKM: Increased hip spread, reduction in average injury
  • Pistols: Increased speed, reduced sprint time, increased injury area
  • Crouch and Prone no longer adjust recoil

Call of Duty League

Updated rules for private match CDL competition mode

Cyber ​​Attack

Fix for an error where a players can use loses their primary weapon and could not see their image model after being revived by a teammate

Ground War

  • Fix for an error where players sometimes could not choose a spawn location [19659058] Fix for a errors where a Tac Insert can cause players to play on the enemy's home base

Special Ops

  • Pick up Intel! – In Operations, explore Verdansk to find more information about Verdansk and operators. [19659061] Fixes for scoreboards displaying incorrect data
  • XP adjustments and general fixes of backend
  • Various corrections for out-limits and parachute utilizations
  • Refunded timer no longer stays on the screen after the teammates have been resuscitated from bleedout 19659061] Fix for issue where ammunition was not useful after recovery via Gunship
  • Fix for losing your weapons when picking up the kernel
  • The performance can now be unlocked in CP
  • Fix for issue where players could play with their weapons in the submerged state
  • Picked up Ammunition no longer transfers from match to match. Only the ammunition you buy with points will come.
  • When you go through Gunship you no longer get the tank role
  • Choosing an Allegiance operator or Allegiance as a favorite faction now assigns the right operator's voice
  • Operation Headhunter : Fix for an error where players cannot lock missiles on the final boss helicopter
  • Operation Crosswind : Adjusted stealth for games
  • Operation Paladin : [19659075] Fix for an error where there was no UI or indicator of where to go or how to go will finish the target after defending the third weapon box
  • Fix for an error where the default weapon was different from the weapon that a player would have if placed in Last Stand

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