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California Supreme Court Rules voters will not decide to split the state

An action that would divide California in three parts will not be displayed in November's vote, the state's Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday and marked the recent defeat for a long-term strike to rediscover the nation's most populous state.

The judges ordered the Secretary of State not to put the voting initiative in favor of voters, saying that significant questions have been asked about its validity. The court will now consider a challenge from the Planning and Conservation League, an environmental group arguing to divide California would drastically change its government structure beyond what can be achieved through a single voting initiative.

"We conclude that the potential harm in allowing the action to remain on the vote contemplates the potential damage of delaying the bill to a future election", the rights wrote in unanimous decision.

They said time constraints forced them to direct the matter immediately.

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper, who spent more than $ 1

.7 million on his "Cal 3" initiative, has for years been trying to break the state and claims it has become undeniable because of its size, wealth quotas and geographical diversity. His last attempt to divide California in six did not meet enough signatures to make the vote in 2016.

"The whole point of the initiative process would be set up as a protection against a government that no longer represented its people. Now the protection has been corrupted," Draper said. a statement. "Whether or not you agree with this initiative, that's not the way democracies will work."

The Planning and Conservation Association Director urged the ruling.

The initiative "was an expensive, incorrect system that will waste billions of California taxpayers dollars, creating chaos in public services, including protecting our environment, "said Howard Penn in a statement." It would have wound up the world's fifth largest economy without solving a single challenge to California today. "

The environmental group's trial says that major changes in the government's government structure require approval from

Draper has argued that the measure does not go beyond what voters can implement through an initiative. If it passed, it would just be the first step towards the fragmentation of the state, he said.

The initiative, which could arise in future voting if the court finally decides to benefit, aims to divide the state of northern California, California and southern California.

Northern California would include the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento and County, north of the capital. California would be a strip of land along the coast that stretches from Los Angeles to Monterey. Southern California would include Fresno and the surrounding agricultural communities, reaching San Diego and the Mexican border.

Supporters collected signatures from hundreds of thousands of california, and the prime minister in June announced that they had enough to get the effort on the parliamentary elections.

The rights decision leaves 11 voting measures for voters to weigh in November.

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