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California has seen more than 600,000 cases of coronavirus

California became the first state to surpass 600,000 coronavirus cases, an NBC News summary of data was determined Thursday.

Florida has registered 557,137 cases and Texas 527,715.

COVID-19 continues to spread in the United States, which saw the highest number of coronavirus deaths in two weeks, a new NBC News lineup showed Thursday.

The lack of comprehensive tests has given rise to concerns that the data from the hardest hit states may show fewer deaths than the actual extent.

Over the weekend, the United States reached a milestone of 5 million coronavirus cases, and by Thursday, more than 5,230,500 infections had been reported.

Los Angeles health officials reported 1

,999 cases and 64 deaths on Thursday. The state’s second largest county, San Diego, reported 266 cases and seven deaths.

San Diego County officials said in a statement that they have registered a “downward trend” in virus cases and that if the number continues to trend this low Friday, it could come from a California watch list and reopen some businesses.

Being on the state’s waiting list also means that local schools cannot reopen.

A group of parents sue Govin Newsom for leaving schools open for learning by people regardless of society’s virus frequency. They claim that their children are suffering academically and psychologically.

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