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Buying the best selling condoms in india


The couples should enjoy healthy relationship with each other. Some of the woman do not want to conceive earlier. So, they use condoms when they are having sex with each other. They should use contraceptives of good quality. They should buy the best selling condoms in india that do not cause any adverse effects.

How to use the condoms?

The men should choose the right size before buying any condom. They should place the condom towards the head of the penis that is erected. They should pinch towards the tip of the condom so that they can remove air from it. Then, they should unwrap it towards the penis carefully so that it should not tear. Then, the couples should hold it at the base of the condom before pulling it out from the vagina. They should hold it towards the base of the condom.

Most of the men use the condoms made of latex. They may choose other type of condoms if they are allergic to latex substance. Then, they should use a lubricant and check if it suits other type of condoms. The latex condoms can be used only with water-based lube.

The best selling condoms in India are used without a prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. They are usually available in the supermarket. Many condoms are available online that are latex-free.

Even females use condoms and they can use it even without a prescription. These condoms are effective for contraception. Many drugstores are available that sell the condoms. A diaphragm is a method of contraception that is usually placed inside the vagina. They should apply the spermicide before using it. The diaphragm should be placed some hours before the intercourse. It should be left 6 hours before a person has sex. These diaphragm should not protect against STI’s.

The cervical cap is a silicone cup that is deeply placed inside the vagina. It prevents the sperms from entering into the eggs. The cervical cap is considered effective and it does not protect against STI’s.

Hormonal pills

Some of them even use the hormonal forms of birth control and they stop ovulation by conception. They release the eggs from the ovaries and do not protect against the STIs. Two kinds of pills are available namely the combined pills that contain the progestin and estrogen. These pills should be consumed daily by following the instructions.

They can also consume the mini-pill also and it only contains the progestin. They should take the pill without taking a break.


They can also use the birth control pill that a person can buy without the prescription. It is made of polyurethane foam and it also contains spermicide.


Some people use the spermicide that is used for inactivating the sperm. It is also available without a prescription used as a barrier of communication and is not available with a sponge. It is effective for 60 minutes and it should be inserted to the cervix for sometime.

Some people even undergo injection or wear a vaginal ring. Different people use different methods of contraception.