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Business casinos issued violations for failure to comply with COVID-19 mandate

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Clark County released today a summary of companies in unincorporated Clark County that have been notified of violation (NOV) not to comply with the governor’s mandate related to COVID-19.

In a case involving a Lowe’s home improvement store at 2465 N. Nellis Blvd., the store received a civil penalty notice and a $ 250 fine.

Companies receiving NOV’s include three Smith’s Food and Drug stores (10100 West Tropicana Ave., 8080 Las Vegas Blvd. and 5525 W. Warm Springs Rd.), Two Walmart stores (231

0 E. Serene Ave., and 2570 E. Lake Mead), two 7-Eleven stores (4482 Maryland Pkwy. And 4620 E. Russell Rd.), A McDonald’s restaurant, a Subway restaurant, the Silverton Casino Hotel due to lack of social distance at its mermaid show , Aria Resort & Casino for Customers Observed Mandala Bay Bay does not have a mask and social distance for lack of social distance in the pool area, a barbershop, a sushi restaurant, a shoe store, a gun shop and others.

Companies that were found not to meet the requirements are examined by agents and in most cases they are considered to be in compliance, for example with the above-mentioned Lowe’s store.

Company licensing agents have visited more than 1,600 companies in unincorporated Clark County since June 26, when facial coatings were required at local businesses.


Agents have visited more than 3,600 companies during Phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan and more than 5,300 companies during Phase 1 and 2.

The visits are designed to provide education and guidance to follow the new regulations required during the pandemic.

With coronavirus cases and hospital admissions increasing here, county leaders emphasize the need for all residents and businesses to get a renewed focus on wearing masks, maintaining social distance and other measures that help limit the spread of the virus.

“We all need to do our part to limit the spread of coronavirus and reduce the number of new cases we see,” said county commission chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, “and this is especially important for those who own and run businesses. Our business needs to be vigilant. If we do not manage to limit the spread of the virus, our cases and hospitalizations will continue to increase, which may force us to roll back some of the openings and overwhelm our healthcare system. “

“The county’s personnel licensing staff has seen increasing compliance from businesses and the public, but we need to be as close to perfect as possible,” said Kirkpatrick President. “We are all in this together. Companies and residents are partners in our work to keep our society and our economy open.”

The focus on reducing the transmission of coronaviruses is a renewed emphasis on the measures that prevent people from transmitting the virus to others, even if the infected person is asymptomatic, and on catching the virus from others.

Recommended measures to limit the spread of the virus include:
• Wear a face covering in public places and when living in people from other households.
• Wash your hands frequently.
• Clean and disinfect items that are often affected, e.g. your mobile phone, door handles and countertops.
• Keep at least 6 feet of social distance between others.

The latest increase in the number of cases of coronavirus and hospital admissions began in late June. As of this morning, Clark County has seen 19,654 coronavirus cases, including 836 new cases reported today.

Information on the governor’s directive, coronavirus testing pages and more can be found on several websites including the county’s www.ClarkCountyNV.gov, the state is at www.NVHealthResponse.NV.govand the Southern Nevada Health District at www.SNHD.info.

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