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Burger King Impossible Whopper vs Original Whopper

Burger King's impossible Whopper is set to take over America. But can it compete with the real thing?

At the end of April, Burger King announced plans to roll out the herbal Impossible Whopper nationally, following a brief test in St. Louis. Louis.

Restaurant Brands International CEO José Cil told Business Insider on Wednesday that the test gave a positive response faster than the expected chain, with both new and loyal customers who ordered Impossible Whopper.

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"We don't do this for a quick pop, Cil says. "We think this is a new category that we can build for too long. We believe that herbal hamburgers and other products will continue to be part of our long-term business. "At the end of April, Cil told investors that it was" difficult to distinguish between Impossible Whopper and original Whopper. "With the chain hoping to win over loyal customers and carnivores with the new menu option, the similarities between original and impossible Whopper are an important selling point for Burger King.

This week, Business Insider decided to add Cils review to the test at Restaurant Brands International's Investor Day in New York City, the company served both impossible Whopper and the original Whopper, so we decided to try each one.

Here's how the impossible Whopper actually measures up to the real:

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