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Bucks vs Celtics 2018 live blog: Milwaukee, Boston Trade Daggers to reach overtime


Tony Snell lacks late three. Boston is in control – Celtics lead four with 18 seconds left.

Celtics lead three with 1 minute left – Jayson Tatum is so smooth:

Giannis dunks. More Rozier daggers – Overtime is already illuminated. This game went from boring to bonkers for one second notice.

4th quarter

Kris Middleton opposes Celtics at the summer to force overtime – Oh my goodness. The bucks just sent to Celtics for overtime on one of the most unlikely sums. With 0.5 seconds left, Khris Middleton hit a deep pointer when the buzz sounded. The judges reviewed it and it was clear that Middleton got fired on time.

Five minutes with basketball. What a sport.


1; This is the most disrespectful game winner shot of all time.

LOL not so much – Down nine by five minutes left Bucks finally what we have asked them to do over and over again. They put Giannis Antetokounmpo in the middle, spread the floor and in some way began to score again and again. Who knew it?

Eventually, this Malcolm Brogdon created three times, thanks to Boston, overreacted to one hectare of space – linked the game to 96.

Celtics may have this feature – Boston has gone away and is up nine with less than five minutes to go. They have kept tabs on Giannis – he only has 21 points after scoring 16 in the first half.

The bucks need to find someone other than Giannis Antetkounmpo or Khris Middleton to score. They have accounted for 40 of Bucks 66 points through three quarters.

3rd quarter: Celtics 70, Bucks 66

Celtics held Giannis to only three points in the third quarter. Now,

The Celtics are back – The Bucks has called a timeout, and they needed it. Boston began to take care of the ball, which limited the number of opportunities for Milwaukee in the transition. Bucks halfway break has not been good. They can not buy a bucket but the Celtics go.

Half-time: Bucks 47, Celtics 44

Milwaukee just wrung Boston on his head. After Celtics held a 12-point lead, they became sloppy and turned the ball over early in the second quarter. Bucks took advantage of and got into the transition. Giannis scored 12 points in the other lone one. He and Khris Middleton have 16 points. Bucks squeezes the ball, and when Celtics does not put their defense on half-court it will be a bit foul for them.

Boston, however, is only three down. They could fight back after bumping into their mouths. The one who turns more will win Game 1.

A spark? – Marcus Morris and Jabari Parker just snapped and fought for a loose ball. Foul rang at Parker, Boston ball. No strokes or technical failures were judged, but Celtics must be revived right now, and it only plays may have done it.

Bucks has taken over – Bucks head coach Joe Prunty said the team would be sharper with its driving and gambling, especially in the transition. Milwaukee has been kind to his decision making and is up after 10 consecutive. Unbelievable.

The escalated fast – Celtics reserved has turned the ball over randomly, several times to start second and Bucks has capitalized each trip. It's just a four-player game now.

1st quarter: Celtics 29, Bucks 17

It will be very difficult for Bucks to remain competitive if they can not stay on the ball. Celtics has forced eight sales in the first period alone and they closed the quarter on a 15-0 run. Milwaukee's crash is stagnant and there is little driving on the action they are driving. Boston turns them over and abandons them in transition.

This is a little ugly, early.

Giannis makes gigs without touching the ball:

Giannis is Giannis early:

The second seeded Boston Celtics and No. 7 Milwaukee Bucks goes head-to-head in game 1 in their first round playoff series, available for live streaming on NBA TV and TNT overtime. This series is a pitch, but still seems to turn into Boston's favor.

Celtics retained its position despite injury injury, including seasonal blows against Kyrie Irving, Daniel Theis and Marcus Smart. It compensated for the injury that was made at the beginning of the year after Gordon Hayward's terrible foot injury. Terry Rozier has been intensified in Irving's absence, and Al Hoford has been consistent at both ends throughout the season. The Celtics still have their dynamic duo of wings, rookie Jayson Tatum and last year's exhibition Jaylen Brown.

Bucks has had a tumultuous season of itself. They fired Jason Kidd as head coach midseason and have let assistant Joe Prunty coach the rest of the year. They have underperformed. Their interruptions are stagnant, and some of the pieces do not seem to fit. They still have Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton, as well as a host of talented young players coming from the bench. On paper this should be the Bucks series to win.

Boston still has the league's best defense, and Milwaukee has been outstanding in very little this season. It will be interesting to see how this series shakes out. We will track highlights from Game 1 here.

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