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Bubble Bobble sequel comes to Switch

Bub, Bob, and Bubble Bobble return with a sequel to Taito's lightweight, 33-year platform franchise. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will be launched in Europe on November 19, followed by North America for the first three months of 2020. The game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The game is a new look at Bubble Bobble format – cooperative game in puzzle-platform stages – with a first: four-player multiplayer supported. According to Taito, it is also the company's first internally developed title since returning to the consumer market. The latest Taito-made console game was the 201

0 mobile / console transition, Space Invaders Infinity Gene based on seminal shoot – & # 39; em-up.

Taito executive Hiroshi Uemura said that Bubble Bobble's appeal in Europe is why the game is launched there first. The last Bubble Bobble game of all kinds was the 2011 Bust-a-Move Universe for Nintendo 3DS, from the series Puzzle Bobble segment.

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